How much boost does a stock Mini Cooper S make?

How much boost does a stock Mini Cooper S make?

How much boost does a stock Mini Cooper S make?

What is the stock boost of the Cooper S? It’s about 11.5psig peak. It’s about 11.5psig peak.

What does a reduced pulley do?

Offered in a variety of reduced diameters compared to the BMW original (11%, 13.2%, 15%, 17% 19%) the smaller diameter pulley spins the supercharger up faster, enabling it to pump more air and produce more boost, which turn raises torque and power output.

How do I make my Mini Cooper supercharger whine?

Heres a free way to increase the supercharger whine occurance and it’s FREE!

  1. Fold the rear seats down.
  2. Load the rear with bricks or stones or any other weights that are handy.
  3. Secure them properly.

What is a supercharger reduction pulley?

Constructed of lightweight 6061T6 aluminum, the ALTA supercharger pulley body decreases rotational inertia of the supercharger adding response to your engine. Holes are cross drilled through the pulley and over each groove, to increase belt grip and reduce belt slippage as your belt stretches.

How do I get more horsepower in my Mini Cooper S?

5 Ways To Improve Your Mini Cooper’s Performance

  1. Intake System. When you add an intake system to your Mini Cooper you are improving the engine’s performance, making it more efficient and powerful.
  2. Supercharger Pulley.
  3. Performance Exhaust System.
  4. Hi-Flow Turbo Discharge Pipe.
  5. Cold Air Intake System.

What is the difference between Mini Cooper S and JCW?

JCW – With a slightly sportier body kit and providing a larger turbo than the Cooper S, the JCW provides more power out of the factory too with 210 bhp. The JCW also comes with a higher flow manifold, and lower compression pistons than the Cooper S but still gives you plenty of options for upgrades and modifications.

How does a Mini Cooper supercharger work?

That’s the job of the supercharger. Superchargers increase intake by compressing air above atmospheric pressure, without creating a vacuum. This forces more air into the engine, providing a “boost.” With the additional air in the boost, more fuel can be added to the charge, and the power of the engine is increased.

Does a cold air intake make a supercharger louder?

A cold air intake doesnt increase the blower whine . It just lets you hear it from the factory restricted air box. yes, you do get more power from them .