How much did the UK government spend in 2009?

How much did the UK government spend in 2009?

How much did the UK government spend in 2009?

2009 United Kingdom budget

Presented 22 April 2009
Chancellor Alistair Darling
Total revenue £496 billion‡ (29% of 2008 GDP)
Total expenditures £671 billion (40% of 2008 GDP)
Deficit £175 billion (10.5% of 2008 GDP)

What was the budget deficit in 2009 UK?

£303 billion
The deficit was therefore £303 billion, equivalent to 14.3% of GDP, which is a peacetime record. As we discuss below, the budget deficit ballooned because of the coronavirus pandemic.

How much did the UK government spend in 2010?

March 2010 United Kingdom budget

Presented 24 March 2010 (Wednesday)
Party Labour
Chancellor Alistair Darling
Total revenue £541 billion
Total expenditures £704 billion

How much did the government borrow in January?

Central government is the largest sub-sector of the public sector. Of the £8.8 billion borrowed by the public sector in January 2021, £11.4 billion was borrowed by central government, with local government showing a surplus of £2.1 billion.

How much does the UK make in tax?

In 2020/21, the UK Government is expected to receive £873 billion of public sector current receipts. £208 billion will come from Income Tax, £161 billion from VAT, and £150 billion from National Insurance contributions. Business rates make up the smallest portion of the total, with only £32 billion.

How much money did the government spend in 2010?

2010 United States federal budget

President Barack Obama with OMB Director Peter Orszag.
Submitted February 26, 2009
Submitted to 111th Congress
Total revenue $2.381 trillion (requested) $2.163 trillion (actual) 14.6% of GDP (actual)
Total expenditures $3.552 trillion (requested) $3.456 trillion (actual) 23.4% of GDP (actual)

What are the sources of government income?

Government also gets money from sin taxes, loans, donations and investments. Local government gets most of its income from selling electricity and water and from a special tax on property called `property rates’. They also get grants from national Treasury for infrastructure and for the equitable share.

What does the UK government spend the most money on?

UK Government Expenditure Statistics

  • The highest-spending sector is expected to be social protection, with £285 billion, including pensions and welfare benefits.
  • Government spending on health is expected to be the second-highest, with £178 billion.
  • Education is the third-highest spending sector, with £116 billion.

Why is tax so high in the UK?

Taxes & Public Spending. When banks are allowed to create a nation’s money supply, we all end up paying higher taxes. This is because the proceeds from creating new money go to the banks rather than the taxpayer, and because taxpayers end up paying the cost of financial crises caused by the banks.