How much does a Maui police officer make?

How much does a Maui police officer make?

How much does a Maui police officer make?

Salaries by years of experience in Maui Meadows, HI

Years of experience Per year
1 to 2 years $40,940
3 to 5 years $46,293
6 to 9 years
More than 10 years $67,754

How big is the Maui Police Department?

2,399 square miles
Size: 2,399 square miles. Population: 163,019.

How many police officers are in Hawaii?

The HPD is comprised of 29 divisions. As of March 2020, the department has 1,820 sworn officers and 464 civilian personnel. The island of Oahu is divided into eight patrol districts.

How do I file a police report in Maui?

Please call the Maui Police Department’s non-emergency number (808-244-6400) to file your report.

How much money does a police officer make in Hawaii?

The average salary for a police officer in Hawaii is around $74,040 per year.

How many murders are there in Maui each year?

All crime rates are shown as the number of crimes per 1,000 Maui County residents in a standard year….Violent Crime Rates.

Crime Type Crime Rate
Rape 0.4466
Murder 0.0333
Total Violent Crime 5.122 (D)

What is the name of the hospital on Maui?

Maui Memorial Medical Center
Maui Memorial Medical Center is the only acute care hospital on the Valley Isle. Our team of over 1,300 caregivers and large community of providers are committed to providing high-quality, patient-centered, affordable care and exceptional service to all of Maui’s residents and visitors.

How much do cops get paid in Hawaii?

Is there a real 5 O in Hawaii?

Hawaii Five-O Jack Lord starred as Steve McGarrett, head of the elite state law enforcement office which worked alongside the chief of the Honolulu Police Department. Chin Ho Kelly) was, in real life, a former HPD officer during World War Two.

Is there crime in Maui?

Maui is not crime-ridden, and our island does not experience many of the crimes that plague large cities. Most crime on Maui is non-violent, like vehicle break-ins and thefts.

What is the area code for Maui?

Area code 808
Area code 808 – Wikipedia.