How much does a PSG ticket cost?

How much does a PSG ticket cost?

How much does a PSG ticket cost?

How much are PSG FC tickets? PSG tickets often start at $120 with an average price closer to $138. Spots close to midfield will usually run close to $175 to $200 while those behind the goals are closer to $120. Seats in the corners will be around $130.

Is it hard to get PSG tickets?

how hard is it to get PSG tickets? Very easy, buy them from the PSG website as soon as they are available. If you are supporting the opposing team, try to buy from their website. Print at home, or mobile ticket.

How do I contact Paris Saint Germain?

Need to talk to one of our representative? Call now +1 (800) 399-9665. We receive calls Monday thru Friday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM or address your questions to [email protected]

Who is the owner of PSG football club?

Qatar Sports Investments
Paris Saint-Germain F.C./Owners
For those who remain uninitiated or gloriously, happily ignorant, PSG are owned by Qatari Sports Investments, a subsidiary of the Qatar Investment Authority that is owned by the state of Qatar.

How legit is StubHub?

The company is entirely legitimate and has the right to sell or resell all the tickets on its website. It’s not hard to find customer complaints related to actually getting their tickets after purchasing them. However, StubHub is also one of the few ticket resellers who guarantee the legitimacy of their tickets.

What is the capacity of PSG Stadium?

Paris Saint-Germain F.C./Capacity

The stadium, with a seating capacity of 47,929 spectators, has been the home of Paris Saint-Germain since 1974. Before the opening of the Stade de France in 1998, it was also the home of the French national football and rugby union teams.

Is PSG a German club?

PSG are the club with most consecutive seasons playing in the top-flight and one of only two French clubs to have won a major European title. They are also the most popular football club in France and one of the most widely supported teams in the world.

How do I join PSG academy?

In order to be eligible to join the Paris Saint-Germain U.S. Development Academy Residency, all players must go through the tryout application process. The tryout has a cost of $229.