How much does a Stryker cost?

How much does a Stryker cost?

How much does a Stryker cost?


ICV Stryker
Unit cost US$4.9 million (2012)
No. built ~4,900 including 4,466 vehicles in US Army
Mass ICV: 18.16 short tons (16.47 t) MGS: 20.69 short tons (18.77 t)

Is the Stryker amphibious?

An upgunned version of the Corps’ new amphibious combat vehicle will be armed with a lighter version of the Army’s Stryker 30mm cannon, according to Marine Corps Systems Command.

Is the M1128 good war thunder?

The M1128 is best played as an ambush-sniper. The M1128 is also vulnerable to the overpressure mechanic and has inconsistent and poor armour which means that you should approach all enemies with caution.

Is the M1128 amphibious?

The M1128 MGS uses a Stryker 8×8 armored personnel carrier chassis. Vehicle is powered by Caterpillar 3126 diesel engine, developing 350 horsepower. Vehicle is not amphibious.

How many men can a Stryker carry?

The Infantry Carrier Vehicle carries a nine-man infantry squad and a crew of two and has a Remote Weapon Station with an M2 . 50 caliber machine gun or MK-19, 40mm grenade launcher.

How many Strykers can a c130 carry?

The C-5 and C-17 aircraft can carry seven and four Strykers respectively. The C-130H can fly safely carrying a maximum 38,000lb load for up to 1,000nm. The Stryker’s weight, 36,240lb and size are within the payload limit of the C-130H. The C-130 can operate from smaller airfields in more remote locations.

How many Strykers are in a Stryker brigade?

The Stryker Brigade Combat Team – or SBCT – is an infantry-centric unit with 3,600 soldiers that combines many of the best characteristics of the current Army forces and exploits technology to fill a current operations capability gap between the Army’s heavy and light forces.

How many Stryker variants are there?

There are 18 variants; 10 flat-bottom variants that include the Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV), Mobile Gun System (MGS), Reconnaissance Vehicle (RV), Mortar Carrier (MC), Commander’s Vehicle (CV), Fire Support Vehicle (FSV), Engineer Squad Vehicle (ESV), Medical Evacuation Vehicle (MEV), Anti-tank Guided Missile (ATGM) …

What is Double V hull?

This new underbody design known as a Double V-Hull (DVH) was based on proven technology similar to that found on the Service’s Mine Resistant Ambush Protected, or MRAP, vehicles which deflects blasts away from the vehicle and the Soldiers inside. …

How many Stryker cars are in a brigade?

300 Stryker vehicles
A Stryker brigade is made up of more than 300 Stryker vehicles and 4,500 soldiers.

Can a C-130 carry a Stryker?

There are significant challenges using the C-130 to transport the Stryker family of vehicles that can only be mitigated through increased training due to cargo capacity limits. The USAF certification memo even states that the Stryker exceeds accepted limits for routine loading on C-130 aircraft.