How much is a Zino Platinum cigar?

How much is a Zino Platinum cigar?

How much is a Zino Platinum cigar?

Zino Platinum Crown Series Limited Edition 2020 $250.00.

Are Zino cigars good?

Manufactured by Davidoff Cigars, the Zino brand is simply an elite premium line of cigars that is the crowing jewel of any humidor. Well-balanced, extremely well-made, and ripe with rich aged tobacco, Zino Davidoff Cigars are a pleasure to smoke and come highly rated by industry publications with numerous 90+ ratings.

Where are Zino cigars made?

the Dominican Republic
Produced in the Dominican Republic under the direction of cigar blender Hendrik “Henke” Kelner, Zino cigars are named for late Davidoff brand ambassador Zino Davidoff, whose lifelong dedication to quality has become legendary.

Do you inhale cigars?

Traditionally, cigar smokers don’t inhale. Unlike cigarettes, we absorb nicotine from a cigar within the mucus membranes of the mouth, not the lungs. This is directly opposing to cigarettes, where a study found that virtually no nicotine was absorbed without inhaling the cigarette.

How harmful is Cigar?

Cigar Smoking Can Cause Cancers Of The Mouth And Throat, Even If You Do Not Inhale. Cigar Smoking Can Cause Lung Cancer And Heart Disease. Tobacco Use Increases The Risk Of Infertility, Stillbirth, And Low Birth Weight. Cigars Are Not A Safe Alternative To Cigarettes.

What kind of tobacco does Zino Platinum use?

The XS Demi Tasse format answers the question what to smoke when time is of the essence. This handmade cigar uses only premium choice tobaccos to create the signature Zino Platinum taste and aroma. XS is a short smoke that…

What makes the Zino Platinum Crown series unique?

The Zino Platinum Crown Series cigars have unique shapes, tastes, blends and aromas that are respectfully drawn from the best of classic cigar making. The Crown Series uses four different countries to create a beatifully complex cigar. The fillers from…

Is the Zino Platinum 3 PK a good stick?

The Platinum Crowns never let you down. This is a bossy 3 pk and the tubes are luxurious. Little creamy, little peppery…just right with medium strength and a smooth draw. Great stick to introduce you to Zino. If you’re a Davidoff fan but don’t always want to dent the wallet this is the next best thing.