How much is PS4 in Ukraine?

How much is PS4 in Ukraine?

How much is PS4 in Ukraine?

In the Ukrainian market, the official price of consoles will be 12,999 and 15,999 UAH for the digital model and the model with a disc drive, respectively….Ukrainian price of PlayStation 5 is the lowest in Europe.

Price in euro Price in national currency
Japan €408 49,980 JPY
USA €423 499 USD
Ukraine €480 15,999 UAH
Germany €499 499 EUR

Which country has lowest price of PS4?

The US and Sony’s home country of Japan are the cheapest places to buy a PS4. Check out the Bloomberg Rankings list of the 15 most expensive countries to buy a PlayStation 4 below. Each country is followed by the price in its local currency and the cost in US dollars in parentheses.

How much is the ps5 in Ukraine?

Ukraine – Playstation 5 – price, April 2021

Ukraine – Playstation 5 – price, April 2021
UAH 16,999.000
USD 637.281
EUR 541.652

Which country has most expensive PS4?

In Brazil, Sony’s videogame machine is more than four times as expensive as it is in the U.S., according to data from Bloomberg that was compiled by Statista. Bloomberg said the high import fees that Brazil puts on consumer electronics landed the country at the top of the list of most expensive places to buy a PS4.

Which country has cheapest PlayStation?

It is currently the cheapest in Japan, Canada and in the United States….

Sony PlayStation 5 series global price comparison
Country Sony PlayStation 5 Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition
India Rs 49,990 Rs 39,990
United States $499.99 $399.99
United Kingdom £449.99 £359.99