How much load can a 25 kva transformer handle?

How much load can a 25 kva transformer handle?

How much load can a 25 kva transformer handle?

Three Phase Transformer

KVA 208V 2400V
20 56.6 4.82
25 69.5 6.02
30 83.4 7.23
37.5 104 9.03

How big is a 25 kva transformer?

HxWxD: 8.68″ x 4.08″ x 3.88″.

What does a 25 kVA transformer means?

kVA stands for Kilovolt-Ampere and is the rating normally used to rate a transformer. In many circumstances the power required by the load is equivalent to the rating of the transformer expressed in either VA or kVA. For example a 1KW (1000 Watts) load would require a 1kVA transformer @ unity power factor.

How many homes can a 25 kVA transformer handle?

In a metropolitan area, as many as six or seven homes can be connected to a 25 kVA distribution transformer.

What is a 25 kVA transformer?

Specifications of 25 kVA – 3 Phase Transformer Oil Filling through Oil Impregnation procedure (Adapted generally for EHV transformer). It leads to enhanced life. Mineral Oil or Silicone Oil or as per requirement. Electrolytic Grade Copper winding. Low loss CRGO Silicon steel for core.

How many transformers are there in the Philippines?

With more than 250,000 units installed nationwide, our Distribution Transformers have been the preferred choice of some of the Philippines’ largest private distribution utilities and electric cooperatives for the past 50 years.

Do you need kVA for pole mounted transformer?

Brand new Pole Mounted Distribution Transformer, we have different kva and specification that you may need, call or text me for price and further details.

How much does a distribution transformer cost?

Distribution Transformer ITEM NO. DESCRIPTION UNIT PRICE 1 Pole Type, Distribution Transformer, 5kV 45,000.00 2 Pole Type, Distribution Transformer, 10k 61,000.00 3 Pole Type, Distribution Transformer, 15k 74,000.00 4 Pole Type, Distribution Transformer, 25k 95,000.00

How much does a 5, 600V transformer cost?

Current Transformer ITEM NO. DESCRIPTION UNIT PRICE 1 Current Transformer, 100 : 5, 600V 7,300.00 2 Current Transformer, 200 : 5, 600V 7,500.00 3 Current Transformer, 300 : 5, 600V 8,200.00 4 Current Transformer, 600 : 5, 600V 8,500.00