How often do grease ducts need to be cleaned?

How often do grease ducts need to be cleaned?

How often do grease ducts need to be cleaned?

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 96 Standard requires your kitchen exhaust system be professionally cleaned between once per month and once per year depending on the volume of food cooked, the type of food served, and the type of fuel used.

How do you pressure test a grease duct?

The air test shall be performed by sealing the entire duct system from the hood exhaust opening(s) to the duct termination. The sealed duct system shall then be pressurized to a minimum pressure of 1.0 inch water column and shall be required to hold the initial set pressure for a minimum of 20 minutes.

How long does it take to clean a restaurant hood?

3-4 hours
A standard hood cleaning takes 3-4 hours. However, there are a variety of factors that determine how long it takes. The length of time between cleanings, the size of the kitchen, and the number of hoods/fans all factor into how long it will take for the job to be completed.

How frequently should ventilation hoods be professionally cleaned to reduce the risk of fires?

The general rule of thumb for kitchen hood cleaning is every three months but this depends on several factors our experts can help you access. Some commercial/restaurant exhaust systems that use wood or charcoal-burning stoves need to be inspected/cleaned monthly.

How do you check for duct leaks?

Turn your HVAC system on and return to the areas where ductwork is accessible. Check the connections between each section of duct, placing your hand over the metal. If you feel air against your hand, the connection is loose and there is an air leak.

What is DW143?

DW143 states all testing pressures and procedures for systems from class A to D. Ductwork can be of different construction and design, and different class systems can require testing at higher or lower pressures.

What do you need to know about flamebar duct systems?

What is Flamebar®? Flamebar® is a fire-rated duct system which utilizes pre-fabricated ductwork with a fire resistant coating, Flamebar® BW11, in lieu of typical fire wrap. This proprietary coating allows systems to meet and exceed two-hour and four-hour test standards.

When to clean kitchen exhaust grease ducts?

A flawed system involves guessing as to when kitchen exhaust grease duct cleaning needs to occur and when it doesn’t. What is too much and what is not enough? Moreover, one shouldn’t have to check the cleaner’s work was thorough and to standard!

What’s the best way to clean exhaust ducts?

A clean system protected by the Shepherd Filters Solution means you can greatly reduce the extensive hood, canopy and duct cleaning required. This will ultimately help you save for years. A simple mini spot inspection and clean only when required is all you will need to do.

What’s the best way to keep grease out of the exhaust?

Shepherd Filters greatly reduces grease from entering your kitchen exhaust system by up to 98%. The fan will not only stay cleaner, it will also extend its lifespan and improve the balance of airflow throughout your entire system.