How old is Brian puspos?

How old is Brian puspos?

How old is Brian puspos?

35 years (2 May 1986)
Brian Puspos/Age

What dance group is Brian Puspos in?

SoReal Cru
Early in his career, Texas dancer, choreographer, and singer Brian Puspos established himself as part of the hip-hop dance group SoReal Cru, which finished in second place on America’s Best Dance Crew’s second season in 2008.

What happened Kaba Modern?

Kaba Modern was voted in the bottom 2 in week 6. They went into the elimination round against Break Sk8. Ultimately, Kaba Modern was saved by the judges. Each crew was given a song and dance from a Broadway musical and were required to make it hip-hop while retaining the essence of Broadway.

What nationality is Aja Dang?

I’m an American TV host turned lifestyle blogger and I want to help you become your best self. Everything from public access TV in Berkley to my own sports show with Fox Sports has provided me with 13 years of broadcast journalism experience.

Who started Kinjaz?

An Interview With the Founders of the Kinjaz Dance Group. Kinjaz was born in 2010, when Anthony Lee and Mike Song, dance company directors within the Southern California community, decided to pull together a band of brothers/like-minded movers to do one last project before Anthony began a job in sales.

Who are the Jabbawockeez members?

Years active 2003–present
Associated acts Super Cr3w Kaba Modern Kinjaz DaBaby
Members Kevin “Kb” Brewer Joe “Punkee” Larot Jeff “Phi” Nguyen Rynan “Kid Rainen” Paguio

Who choreographed serendipity?

Filipino Choreographer Brian Puspos talks about his experience working on ‘Serendipity’ and mentions BTS’ Jimin as his bias.

Who is the choreographer of BTS fake love?

Kevin Nguyen
BTS – “FAKE LOVE” CHOREOGRAPHY by Kevin Nguyen – YouTube.

Who is SoReal Cru from America’s Best Dance Crew?

SoReal Cru is a hip-hop dance crew from Houston, Texas who gained fame as the runner-up on the second season of America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC). Before ABDC, they won first place at the World of Dance competition in Pomona in 2008.

Who are the current members of SoReal Pac?

The crew members split into different subdivisions such as: SoReal Pac and ArchiTeks. For instance, Andrew Baterina and Jackie Lautchang are lead choreographers for SoReal Pac while Brian Puspos, Mark Fucanan, Brian Fucanan, Pat Lam and Ailyn Isidro are current members of the ArchiTeks.

Who is Jay Park choreographer for SoReal Cru?

Andrew Baterina also choreographs for famous Korean-American singer Jay Park. SoReal Cru performed with Jay Park to his song “Abandoned” at The Korean Music Festival. They have a hip-hop dance studio, SoReal Studios, in Houston, Texas.

What does Cru stand for in the church?

Helping students come to know Jesus, grow in their faith and go to their families, communities and the world to share God’s love. Kingdom citizens advancing the mission of Jesus for the well-being of the city. Equipping couples with practical, Scripture-based approaches to real-world issues through conferences, broadcasts and resources.