How old is Brizzy?

How old is Brizzy?

How old is Brizzy?

30 years (13 September 1991)
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Anna Brisbin (born: September 13, 1991 (1991-09-13) [age 29]), better known online as Brizzy Voices, is an American YouTuber and actress from South Carolina.

Who does Anna Brisbin voice?

Anna Brisbin is a voice actor known for voicing Katie, Grandma, and Kumiko.

Where is Anna Brisbin from?

South Carolina, United States
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What does Brizzy mean?

adjective. If you describe someone as breezy, you mean that they behave in a casual, cheerful, and confident manner. his bright and breezy personality. Synonyms: carefree, casual, lively, sparkling More Synonyms of breezy.

What house is Brizzy voices dog in?

In case you’re wondering, Remus – the one-year-old dachshund of YouTuber Brizzy Voices – is a Gryffindor.

How old is Tessa?

31 years (1 September 1990)
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Who does Anna Brisbin play in bunk D?

Anna Brisbin and Tessa Netting Since moving to Los Angeles her Film/TV credits include: Disney Channel’s BUNK’D as Hazel, Nickelodeon’s Fred: The Show as Eloise, a dance number on Fox’s Glee as Apple #9, plus various national commercials and voice over work.

What does bright and breezy mean?

lively and confident
DEFINITIONS1. lively and confident. Their music is bright and breezy but not very memorable.

Why did Tessa Netting leave Bunkd?

Last January, Tessa moved to Los Angeles to expand and utilize her talents, both in front of the camera and as a creative force in the industry. Since moving to California, Tessa has booked recurring roles on both Nickelodeon and Glee as well as a national commercial and numerous voice-over work.

Is Tessa Netting in StarKid?

Also in the episode is Tessa Netting – a friend to StarKid and the Harry Potter fandom. She was one of the original ballet girls, Susan Parks, in Broadway’s Billy Elliot.

What is Tessa Netting in?

Since moving to Los Angeles, she has been seen and heard in numerous voice over roles, commercials, web series, and television shows, most notably playing Hazel, the lovable mean girl from the Disney Channel show BUNK’D.