How old is Leo in Red Band Society?

How old is Leo in Red Band Society?

How old is Leo in Red Band Society?

Also at Ocean Park is Leo Roth (Charlie Rowe, Neverland, Pirate Radio), the 16-year-old, charming and independent leader of the group. Leo’s best friend is Dash Hosney (Astro, The X Factor), a 16-year-old rebel with a big personality, who is determined not to let his cystic fibrosis stop him from living his life.

How old was Ciara Bravo in Red Band Society?

24 years (18 March 1997)
Ciara Bravo/Age

What happens to Kara in Red Band Society?

In a cruel twist, it appears that Kara isn’t a candidate for a heart transplant. Her blood test showed that she had a variety of drugs in her system, which immediately pushed her name down the list. It’s official: Kara is dying.

Does Emma break up with Leo?

Leo says how he was impulsive and broke things off and regretted it, which Emma seems surprised at, and how Leo thought he was going to die and didn’t want to put her through that. Emma says that is not why they broke up, and it was because she liked him more than he liked her.

Is Emma Chota a real person?

Ciara Quinn Bravo (/siˈɛərə/; born March 18, 1997) is an American actress. She began her career as a child actress, starring in the Nickelodeon series Big Time Rush and the Fox series Red Band Society….Television.

Year 2014 – 2015
Title Red Band Society
Role Emma Chota
Notes Main cast; 13 episodes

When did the Red Band Society come out?

Red Band Society is an American teen medical comedy-drama television series, developed by Margaret Nagle, that aired on Fox for the 2014–15 American television season. The series premiered on September 17, 2014. Based on the Catalan drama series Polseres vermelles, the series focuses on a group of teenagers living together…

Who are the characters in Red Band Society?

At the group’s center is Leo ( Charlie Rowe ), a cancer survivor who becomes an unexpected mentor to his new roommate, Jordi (Nolan Sotillo), when Jordi arrives to start a similar course of treatment. Leo’s friend Dash (Astro) refuses to let cystic fibrosis dampen his zest for life and often is the ringleader in planning fun for the group.

What are the main issues in Red Band Society?

Teens smoke cigarettes and pot and drink beer, and a main character’s history of recreational drug use plays a role in the story even if it’s not seen. Parents need to know that Red Band Society deals with illness, injury, eating disorders, drug use, and other serious issues in an uplifting way.

Why did Emma leave the Red Band Society?

In the end, while Leo is ordered to stay for another few weeks, Emma is released. Her frustrations with everyone, especially Leo, with regards to her eating disorder finally come out. Leo begs her to stay to get better, but she leaves her red band behind and says goodbye.