How should I start preparing for OET?

How should I start preparing for OET?

How should I start preparing for OET?

we have put together some helpful tips to guide you through your OET preparation:

  1. Learn about the test overview and structure. It is important to feel comfortable with the test content.
  2. Create a study plan.
  3. Sharpen your skills.
  4. Take practice tests.
  5. Review everything.
  6. Rest and Relax.
  7. Get the Official OET Course Guide.

How can I make OET online?

What is the best way to prepare for OET?

  1. Start early.
  2. Be realistic with yourself.
  3. Know your weaknesses.
  4. Understand the assessment criteria.
  5. Improve your skills.
  6. Apply when you are ready.

How can I practice OET speaking at home?

OET Speaking Tips

  1. Role Play – Playing Your Part. It is going to be a role-play.
  2. Breaking The Ice / Beginning The Conversation.
  3. Continuing Conversation.
  4. Do Not Hesitate To Ask Questions.
  5. Understanding The Patient, TheClient (the interlocutor)
  6. Refining Your Language.
  7. Be Ready For All Odds.

Can OET exam be done online?

Yes. Once the OET@Home is live you will be able to sit the test at home, using a windows PC.

How much is OET exam fee?

The test costs $587 AUD / $455 USD (US pricing only for those sitting OET on computer in the USA) and candidate research shows that 85% consider OET to be excellent or above average value for money.

How long is OET valid for?

two years
OET results are valid for two years. This means that there might be a deadline for you to apply for your exam and you should take this into consideration before booking and sitting your OET test.

How many minutes is OET?

around 20 minutes
About the Speaking Sub-test. The Speaking sub-test is delivered individually and takes around 20 minutes. This part of OET uses materials specifically designed for your profession.

Is OET easy to pass?

The OET is easier in some ways because it is more specific to healthcare, so you can make use of your healthcare knowledge, vocabulary and experiences. This means that you’d find the writing and speaking portions of the test a little easier, as you’d be used to the situations provided.

What is the OET score for UK?

To pass the OET exam, you’ll need to achieve a minimum of Grade B, or a point score of 350 across all test areas.

How is OET calculated?

The four sub-tests that make up the OET are reported on a scale from 0 to 500 in ten-point increments (e.g. 350, 360, 370 etc). The numerical score will be mapped to a separate letter grade for each sub-test ranging from A (highest) to E (lowest). There is no overall grade for OET.

What is the minimum OET score for UK?

The applicant has scored at least 7 in the listening, speaking and reading sections and at least 6.5 in the writing section in either of the two test sittings, and no score is lower than 6.5.

What is C+ OET?

C+ grade is given to the person getting marks between 300-340 and C to those who have obtained marks between 200-290. This means that the candidate can maintain the interaction in a relevant healthcare environment despite occasional errors and lapses.