How should Sauternes be served?

How should Sauternes be served?

How should Sauternes be served?

The wines are typically served chilled at 10 °C (50 °F), but wines older than 15 years are often served a few degrees warmer. Sauternes can be paired with a variety of foods.

How do you drink Sauternes?

Like most white wines, Sauternes should be served slightly chilled, around 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Refrigerate it, but let it sit out for 10 to 15 minutes before serving. Sauternes served ice cold will obscure the subtle spice notes this wine is known for.

What glass should Sauternes be served in?

The Riedel Sommeliers Sauternes / Dessert wine glass is designed to emphasize acidity of sweet wines, thus balancing the wine’s sweetness and luscious finish. The unusual curved design accentuates the apricot aromas typical of wines made from grapes affected by botrytis (‘noble rot’).

At what temperature should Sauternes be served?

Flavor Profile Sauternes has a finish that can last for several minutes. It is best served around 50 degrees Fahrenheit, though Sauternes aged more than 15 years is served warmer.

Is Semillon a dessert wine?

De Bortoli Noble One Botrytis Semillon is rightfully considered Australia’s premier dessert wine.

What cheese goes with Sauternes?

Spanish Manchego and Italian Pecorino (and others) have a salty edge that can work well with Sauternes. Relative extremes in wine and food can often create memorable taste experiences. Sauternes with Brie, Camembert, soft cow’s milk cheeses; young goat’s milk cheese, ashed or otherwise.

What age can you drink Sauternes?

A good Sauternes wine typically ages superbly for about 20 years, and will still taste good after 40, especially in great vintages.

Is Semillon like Chardonnay?

Sémillon wine is loved for its full body, like Chardonnay, but with flavors closer to Pinot Gris or Sauvignon Blanc. It’s an important blending component in White Bordeaux and is also planted throughout Australia. In the US, Sémillon wines are usually a great price for their quality.