How We Can Find Perfect Massage Therapist

How We Can Find Perfect Massage Therapist

How We Can Find Perfect Massage Therapist

Massage has become one of the most popular treatments in recent years, and the need for a good massage only increases because our work and even some of our social activities take place on the desktop or on the computer.

When I first trained in massage therapy in the early ’90s, clients usually visited the salon or spa for hair removal, facials or weight loss treatments. Massage was one of those treatments that was once considered a luxury or special treatment in a blue moon. I used an online service to learn the tough stuff like human anatomy of muscles and it made a huge difference in my knowledge.

I have to admit that life at that time was very different for people in general, that many clients would have a secretary or assistant to write the work. For some, it was done once because there were no emails to check because not everyone had internet. Very few people had laptops, so they sat on the couch or in bed while work was very minimal, and in the end, hardly any search on Google and social networks existed.

Arrived today, things have changed. Many no longer have a secretary, so they have to take care of the manager, most of the work being done on the computer, some in the office and some in uncomfortable positions when sitting on the couch or lying in bed. The days when your work ended when you left the office were contacted on our cell phones a long time ago or checked our emails at home when not on the road. Our work day always continues even when we leave the office or even before we reach the office.

There are various massage treatments available in clinics, spas, salons and health clubs. We have even seen massages in clubs, malls and massage therapists coming to the workplace. There are so many types of special sensual massages that help you relieve all your stress like nuru massage that you can get at specialized massage centres.

With so many places offering massage, how do you know where to go best and how do you know if you’re likely to get a good massage?

1) Qualifications

A good massage therapist has the following qualifications: NVQ Level 3, HND Health & Beauty, ITEC, CIBTAC or CIDESCO, there may also be other recognized organizations, but check whether they have a qualification and not just a workshop certificate. Anatomy and physiology are an important part of training because knowing the muscular system, the skeleton and their functions can make a difference in the quality of the massage.

2) License

Businesses in many regions, especially London, cannot work without a valid massage license. In some districts, even the therapist has to be certified. The only way for a therapist to get a license is to have the right qualification. Sometimes you see the building permit on the wall.

3) Medical questionnaire and consultation

Your massage therapist should ask you to complete a basic medical questionnaire to identify medical conditions that may prevent you from receiving a massage. For example, recent injury or surgery, injury, infection, etc. You may still receive a massage in certain circumstances, but you may need written permission from your doctor before you can continue receiving a massage.

If you are in your first trimester of pregnancy, it is not advisable to have a massage and a professional therapist will know if he sees this on your consultation form.

The consultation time is also a good time to determine what your main concerns are or whether there are areas where you want your massage therapist to work most. This is also a time to make sure you are reserved for the right type of massage for you, for example, you may have been booked for a “ Swedish massage ”, but you may want a “ deep tissue ” massage.

4) Online reviews

Online reviews are a great way to find out what people have to say about a particular company. However, keep in mind that reviews can sometimes be negative about the company or an employee, so you may miss a good massage from another employee who has not been assessed. There is also a saying: “A customer who has had a bad experience tells five people, but if he has a great experience, he might not even tell a soul.” So sometimes you may not always get a real indication of whether you are getting a “good” massage.To get maximum of results, you should combine with massage gun. This stuff will help the circulation of blood through the body better. However, to choose the best massage gun, you should check Hypervolt vs Theragun comparison. It will help with final decision on the right one.

5) Your massage therapist

Sometimes the size or age of a massage therapist can be crucial. I am 5 feet tall. And only six and a half stones, but I usually massage bodybuilders so my pressure is very strong even though I look very small. Massage therapists build their pressure using a combination of strength and their own body weight to perform a good firm massage.

I have also trained a number of 18-year-olds who are just as good as massage therapists who have many years of experience. It depends on your therapist’s passion for his work. If she loves massage and is passionate about it, you will probably receive good treatment.

6) Massage

It is not uncommon for the time shift to be included in your massage time, so be sure to get on your treatment bed as soon as possible so that you have more time on time.

Your massage therapist should make sure you are warm and comfortable enough before starting your massage. Many lounges and spas have soft, relaxing music in the background, which really enhances the experience.

One can often see the difference between a very good massage therapist and one who is not so good. A very good massage therapist will be intuitively connected and know the right pressure to apply, they will also know in what areas to work most without the need to adhere to a robotic routine of massage treatments.