Is 24-7 Intouch a good company to work for?

Is 24-7 Intouch a good company to work for?

Is 24-7 Intouch a good company to work for?

The management at 24-7 Intouch is awesome. You can gain PTO and they do have benefits within the company itself. I know a lot of recent WFH jobs require you to pay for training when 24\7 pays you for training. 24\7 Intouch has always been one of my favorite jobs I’ve worked for.

Is 24-7 Intouch legit?

Out of 368 24-7 Intouch employee reviews, 86% were positive. The remaining 14% were constructive reviews with the goal of helping 24-7 Intouch improve their work culture. The Marketing team, with 96% positive reviews, reports the best experience at 24-7 Intouch compared to all other departments at the company.

What kind of business is 24-7 Intouch?

24-7 Intouch General Information Provider of outsourced customer care services to digital platforms, digital media and e-commerce companies.

Who founded 24/7 Intouch?

Jeff Fettes
Jeff Fettes Founder, 24-7 Intouch & CEO, Laivly Inc.

What is 24x7careers com?

ProAct is a company that was designed to help our partners accomplish this by giving them the competitive edge in getting to the best prospects first, before their competition does. We combine technology and software so our partners can manage and automate their processes in order to maintain a competitive edge.

How many employees does 24/7 Intouch have?

18,000 employees
24-7 Intouch will service over 30 languages from 22 sites in 9 countries, with over 18,000 employees.

How can I get in touch with the company?

5 Ways You Can Successfully Contact Business People

  1. Email Introduction. The golden rule is that if you can get your friend to recommend you, you’re in.
  2. Interact On Social Media.
  3. Email/Social Outreach.
  4. Talk To Everyone.
  5. Pick Up The Phone.
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What is a Aflac Benefits Advisor?

The Benefits Agent’s job is to sell supplemental insurance options to local businesses in the area. Prospecting, generating a book of business, contacting local businesses in person, opening Aflac accounts, build positive relationships with business owners, maintain accounts and relationships.

Why do you want to work at 24-7?

Might want to look into the people you are promoting with NO college education and NO empathy. I would love to work at 24/7Intouch because they have such a friendly environment to work in, the management is just so amazing plus the support that the TLs and the supervisors give the employees is the best.

What is the best contact method?

Although texting and emailing someone is easy or more convenient, a phone call is typically the best way to build a genuine relationship, gather information, and truly understand the person you’re working with.