Is a bubbled tire dangerous?

Is a bubbled tire dangerous?

Is a bubbled tire dangerous?

Tires that have a bubble are not safe to drive. When your tire has a bubble, the fabric of the inner tire can no longer protect your tire from bursting when pressure develops from contact with the road. Driving on a tire that has a bubble is very dangerous and there is a high possibility that it will blow out on you.

How do I know if my TYRE bulge is dangerous?

Bulges, lumps and cuts If you notice a lump, bulge or cut then the tyre will more than likely need to be replaced or repaired immediately. You may also notice cuts, rips and tears to the tyre as a result of ‘kerbing’ or pot hole damage. If you notice any of these then you should have the tyre checked immediately.

Can a bubble in a tire pop?

Because tires are built with so many different layers, air can get trapped in tiny pockets and eventually cause a noticeable bubble. Like a real bubble, if too much pressure builds up inside, the bubble will burst.

Can a tire bulge be fixed?

No, unfortunately sidewall bubbles cannot be repaired. Because the area flexes while driving a patch will not stay in place. The bubble also indicates there is structural damage to the tire that cannot be repaired. A tire in this condition could fail without warning and should not be driven on.

How long can I drive with a bulge in my tire?

If you notice a bulge in the tread, you may be able to drive for a short distance, at least so you can get somewhere safe to install the spare. Do not drive for long distances with a bulging tire, as the tire can fail completely at any time. Your top priority should be getting the tire replaced as soon as possible.

How long will a bubbled tire last?

If the bubble forms as a result of a manufacturing defect, you could probably get the manufacturer to replace your tires for free. However, this depends on the time-frame as most warranties last 4-6 years or until the tread is gone, whichever comes first.

What to do if there is a bubble in your tire?

Address it immediately. Be sure to drive slowly and take your vehicle into your nearest tire repair shop or auto dealership. Unfortunately, addressing the tire bubble doesn’t mean repairing it. Side tire bubbles aren’t repairable — the entire tire must be replaced before a blowout occurs.

What are three warning signs of tire failure?

Trouble signs to look for

  • Cracking or cuts in the sidewalls.
  • Uneven tread wear.
  • Excessively worn tread.
  • Alternatively, you can use a Lincoln-head penny as a tread-wear indicator.
  • Bulges or blisters.
  • Excessive vibration.