Is a pierret a good monster?

Is a pierret a good monster?

Is a pierret a good monster?

One of the best AoE water nukers in the game, a good monster to build for both early and end-game players.

Is Summoner Wars good?

Overall, I give Summoner Wars a 9.0/10. I was quite pleased with my time with the game, and I truly look forward to playing the game quite a bit more and seeing what options are available among all the different races, expansions, etc. I would highly recommend this game to most any gamer.

Is water pierret good?

Julie the Water Pierret is a great unit to get from early to mid game to achieve great DPS on scenarios (as a Faimon Hell farmer) and Arena offense, and a useful tool for late game players if used in Fire Raid Beast or in AO / GWO teamed up with an AOE defense breaker (see Galleon the Water Pirate Captain) to one shot …

Is Sophia good Summoners War?

Sophia (Wind Pierret) is a nice attack monster in Summoners War.

Is Clara Good Summoners war?

RTA (10/10): Clara is a strong monster in RTA. Her skill kit strips and sets up for big damage while also reducing damage taken. She is highly recommended here.

Is sylph good Summoners war?

While his speed leader doesn’t work in GB10, he offers an insanely great AoE multiplier on his 2nd skill and a powerful nuke on his 3rd skill. Also, his greater base HP makes him more resilient compared to other Wind nukers. For newer players, he’s a reliable nuker for your starting GB10 teams.

Is Summoners War good for kids?

Creature-collection games are big among school-age kids, and this strategy game leverages that popularity, but the in-app purchases, buxom female characters, and in-game chat might give parents pause. On the upside, it’s vibrant and cute, with a surprising amount of narrative and side objectives to keep kids busy.

Is Clara Good Summoners War?

Is water sylph good?

Tyron (Water Sylph) is a great crowd control attack monster in Summoners War. Tyron has two AoE skills: the second skill is a 2 hit to all enemies inflicting relatively small amount of damage (small multipliers on this one) but each attack has 50% chance to put glancing hit effect on targets on max skill up.