Is April a good time to visit Zion?

Is April a good time to visit Zion?

Is April a good time to visit Zion?

Zion National Park is open year-round, though the most popular months to visit are April through October, when the shuttle busses are running in Zion Canyon. Spring, summer and fall are more crowded than winter. Winter visitors to Zion will still find plenty to do.

Is there snow in Zion in April?

Here are six reasons why April is an incredible time to visit Zion. As snow begins to melt and spring showers fall, Zion National Park becomes home to spectacular waterfalls.

How crowded is Zion in April?

Zion National Park is open year-round, but a whopping 70% of visitors come between April and September. If you have the flexibility, planning a trip during the park’s off-peak months of October through March will ensure you have to deal with fewer view-blocking selfie sticks and crowded hiking trails.

Can you drive into Zion in April?

Most visitors to Zion will be arriving at the South Entrance, at the town of Springdale. From April through October private vehicle use in this area is limited and visitors must use the shuttle on the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. The rest of the year you are free to drive yourself on the scenic drive.

Are Zion Narrows open in April?

During spring snowmelt, when the river is high, The Narrows will be closed – usually for not more than 30 days in April and May, but in big snow years sometimes as late as July 15th.

What should I pack for Zion in April?

  1. Track pants, capris, zip-off pants, yoga pants, or hiking pants, shorts, flexible, comfortable, stretchy pants.
  2. Long underwear.
  3. Light rain/wind jacket.
  4. Fleece jacket for the cool mornings and chilly overlooks and shaded trails.
  5. Warm/knit hat/beanie.
  6. Warm gloves.
  7. Puffy Jacket.

Is Bryce Canyon crowded in April?

benefits of visiting bryce canyon in April Since the visitor numbers in Bryce Canyon are lower in April, you can hike on the most scenic trails without the summer crowds. The popular Rim Trail travels around the canyon rim and you will likely have it all to yourself in April.

Can you walk the narrows in April?

Do you need bear spray in Zion?

A bear is not being aggressive by grunting or standing up; it is just checking you out. If the bear attacks you, spray it in the head. It’s over 90% successful in warding off bear assaults. If you have a firearm, shoot to kill, not to warn.