Is Ben Drowned a link?

Is Ben Drowned a link?

Is Ben Drowned a link?

Coerced by them to join their group under the promise of having friends and being like his childhood hero, Link, Ben was soon unwillingly drowned in an attempted Moon Children ritual called ascension where the sacrifice becomes a prisoner of their own making, a catalyst for the cult to continue their plans.

Is Ben Drowned a real story?

Even after “Ben Drowned” was revealed as fiction, “Ben” lived on. Fans of the creepypasta insisted that he was real. (So real that when Hall made a parody video of “Ben Drowned” for April Fools’ Day in 2012, he received death threats.) They drew fan art and crafted new narratives about the boy who drowned.

What Ben Drowned favorite food?

But he has always loved Cajun food. He always loved the kick. Ben Drowned: Ben has always loved pizza. Authentic or not, he’ll eat it as long it has a lot of cheese.

Why does link look like Ben drowned?

Appearance. It’s unknown what BEN looked like before he drowned, although most assume he had a striking resemblance to Link. After he possessed the cartridge he took the form of the Elegy of Emptiness statue of Link.

How old is Jeff the Killer 2019?

He is 13 years old in the original story.

How did Ben Drowned creepypasta come to be?

Unlike some creepypastas that evolved from a single self contained story posted on a message board, BEN drowned grew out of several posts initially presented as cries for help and expressly identified as ‘not copypasta’ with the poster insisting that they ‘need your help with this’.

Why is the Ben Drowned story so unsettling?

It was this initial presentation as truth and the fact that the story eventually grew onto other modes of storytelling that made it so unique and so unsettling. There are a number of images commonly associated with the BEN Drowned creepypasta.

Why was there a save file called Ben?

My fears were confirmed when I booted up the game (to my surprise it worked just fine) and there was one save file named simply “BEN”. “Goodbye Ben”, he was saying “Goodbye Ben”. I felt bad for the man, obviously a grandparent and obviously going senile, and I – for some reason or another – reminded him of his grandson “Ben”.