Is Land Rover Discovery Sport reliable?

Is Land Rover Discovery Sport reliable?

Is Land Rover Discovery Sport reliable?

Reliability Survey, with the Discovery Sport shown to be one of the least dependable cars in its class. The best include the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V. A three-year, unlimited-mileage warranty, which also includes UK and European roadside assistance, should help provide some peace of mind.

What goes wrong with Discovery Sport?

There has been a higher-than-normal incidence of complaints about squeaks, rattles and other interior quality issues with the Discovery Sport, and while these might seem inconsequential, they’re sometimes difficult to solve, so if the car you’re testing is rattly and it annoys you, don’t assume it’ll be an easy fix.

Are discovery cars reliable?

The 2022 Land Rover Discovery is a posh luxury midsize SUV with excellent off-road ability and few notable flaws. It’s an enticing choice in the class, though it doesn’t have an overall score or ranking because of a lack of safety and predicted reliability data.

How many miles can a Land Rover Discovery sport last?

As long as you take care of it you can expect 300,000+ miles without a enigne overhaul. If you beat the crap out of it you can expect 200,000 miles.

What goes wrong with Landrover Discovery?

Common Land Rover Discovery Problems

  • Leaking Head Gaskets. If the vehicle is presenting with engine misfires or other engine performance issues, it may be due to leaking head gaskets and/or failed cylinder liners.
  • Throttle Body Coolant Leak.
  • Broken Rear Cargo Latch.
  • Oil Leaks.
  • Failed Air Springs.

Is the Land Rover Discovery Sport 4 wheel drive?

Like other Land Rover models, including the top-shelf Range Rover, four-wheel drive is standard equipment on the Discovery Sport, so is hill-descent control, and All Terrain Progress Control, which maintains a set speed while off-roading.

Where is the infotainment system on a Land Rover Discovery Sport?

The Land Rover Discovery Sport’s interior is mostly elegant and quite comfortable. Mounted right smack between the driver and front passenger is a 10-inch, landscape-oriented screen, which is where Land Rover’s standard InControl Touch Pro infotainment system resides.

How big is the back seat of a Land Rover Discovery Sport?

Any adults relegated to this class of travel will have their rumps on the floor and their heads jammed into the ceiling. Fold those back seats down, and the Discovery Sport transforms into a leather-lined shipping container, providing a maximum of nearly 56 cubic feet of hauling capacity.

Why do people buy a Land Rover Discovery?

Practicality is a major reason people purchase SUVs. They want vehicles with enough room for weekend trips to the garden center and for hauling a load of kiddies around. In this area, the Discovery Sport is unexpectedly versatile. Its second-row seat is seriously spacious, with plenty of room and firm cushions for all-day support.