Is Lower Slaughter worth visiting?

Is Lower Slaughter worth visiting?

Is Lower Slaughter worth visiting?

Walk up to Upper Slaughter. As well as the gorgeous Lower Slaughter, the neighbouring village of Upper Slaughter is certainly worth checking out. It doesn’t have any attractions like museums but it is a pretty place to wander around and see what you can find!

Why are the slaughters called the slaughters?

The name of the village of Lower Slaughter stems from the Old English name for a wet land ‘slough’ or ‘slothre’ (Old English for muddy place) upon which it lies. This quaint village sits beside the little Eye stream and is known for its unspoilt limestone cottages in the traditional Cotswold style.

Why is it called Upper and Lower Slaughter?

Just over a mile from Bourton-on-the-Water are the twin villages of Upper and Lower Slaughter. The name comes from old English ‘Slohtre’, which has nothing to do with killing things and means, simply, ‘Muddy place’. Today’s villages are far from muddy places. They are the epitome of idyllic, civilised Cotswold charm.

Who lives at Upper Slaughter Manor?

People live there after all. The owners of the manor clearly love their home. The manor itself dates back to the 1400’s, possibly earlier and its history is plugged into that of the village.

Which is better upper or lower slaughter?

Lower Slaughter is the more attractive of the two villages but also has all the visitors. Tourists are scarce most of the time in Upper Slaughter. There are no shops selling groceries in either village, it’s 2 to 3 miles to Stow-on-the-Wold where it’s all at. 2.

Is Upper or Lower Slaughter better?

How old is lower slaughter?

History. Lower Slaughter has been inhabited for over 1,000 years. The Domesday Book entry has the village name as “Sclostre”. It further notes that in 1066 and 1086 that the manor was in the sheriff’s hands.

Where is slaughters manor house in Cotswolds?

Situated in one of England’s prettiest villages, The Slaughters Manor House is a beautiful 17th century manor house which combines contemporary interiors with country charm, attentive service and one of the most acclaimed restaurants in the Cotswolds.

What to do in Lower Slaughter in Cotswolds?

The mill features a giant working waterwheel and has a tea room and ice cream parlour for visitors. The mill was originally part of Lower Slaughter Manor, which was built in 1658 for the High Sheriff of Gloucestershire. The Manor is now a grand country house hotel. Lower Slaughter is home to the pretty church of St Mary.

How many rooms are in the slaughters country inn?

All 31 individually designed rooms, cottages and suites at The Slaughters Country Inn incorporate traditional features and contemporary designs. At the heart of The Slaughters Country Inn, a comforting and relaxed dining environment awaits. This is the perfect place to enjoy a pie and a pint by the fireside, or a salad on the terrace in summer.

Are there any Cotswold villages with no fatalities in the Great War?

The only other two Thankful Cotswold Villages having no fatalities in the Great War was Coln Rogers and Little Sodbury. EYFORD House in Upper Slaughter has been named the nation’s favourite house by a national magazine Country Life in 2011.