Is marble suitable for kitchen worktops?

Is marble suitable for kitchen worktops?

Is marble suitable for kitchen worktops?

When it comes to selecting kitchen countertops, marble remains the top choice for many homeowners. “You won’t find anything as white in nature as white marble,” adds Evan Nussbaum, a vice president at Stone Source in New York. “You just don’t get that color and kind of figuring in any other type of natural stone.”

How much is a marble kitchen worktop?

Marble worktops cost £315 per square metre on average.

Are marble worktops expensive?

In terms of Costs, it really depends what quality material you get in each category. But in broad terms in order to give some guidance: – Marble worktops tend to be the most expensive. – Porcelain is similar to quartz in terms of price but the looks are for sure much much better.

Are marble worktops hard wearing?

Although a fairly soft stone, marble is a strong, hard-wearing and very tough material that can take a great deal of use.

Which is cheaper marble granite or quartz?

How much does marble flooring cost? Quartz is less expensive than marble, ranging in price from $40-100 per square foot, while marble can range in price from $50-150 per square foot.

Is marble bad for kitchens?

In the kitchen, that means marble countertops can scratch and scuff more easily than other surfaces, such as granite or quartz. Marble is also a porous stone, so it’s more prone to staining due to harsh cleaning products or acidic liquids.

Is marble really that bad?

ANSWER: A marble kitchen countertop is a potential bad idea not because it cannot do the job, but because cleaning marble and the marble maintenance required will frustrate most owners to the point they regret installing marble in the kitchen. compared to a granite or quartz countertop and…

Is marble a bad choice for kitchen countertops?

How to choose the best marble countertops for your kitchen?

16 Beautiful Marble Kitchen Countertops. 1 Pietra Gray. Construction Resources. 2 White Thassos. 3 Beautiful Blue and Gold. 4 Mystery White and Shaker Style. 5 Blue Countertop and Matching Backsplash.

Which is the best material for kitchen worktops?

Apart from flooring, natural marbles are widely adopted in their use as kitchen worktops. Marble worktops make for the best kitchen worktops due to the ease of maintenance. They also provide incredible looks it provides to any kitchen. When you can choose natural marble as the material for your worktops, why settle for anything else?

Are there pros and cons of marble worktops?

We design and make and install lots and lots of kitchens every week, many of them have real marble worktops and many of them have a man-made material such as Silestone for the worktop. Of course there’s pros and there’s cons to both options, but we have to admit that for us, nothing quite compares to the real, natural thing.

Where do you get marble counter tops in New York?

This New York Upper West Side kitchen by Ethelind Coblin Architect situated in New York City proves the point. The cooking space features cream cabinetry and white, gray-veined marble countertops. The oak table that doubles as a kitchen island also has a marble topper.