Is the game School days online?

Is the game School days online?

Is the game School days online?

Play School days, a free online game on Kongregate.

Is School Days on pc?

Play The School Days Game on PC: An Indie Simulation Game by MDickie.

What online games can you play at school?

10 Free Online Educational Game Sites

  • Sheppard Software.
  • PBS Kids Games.
  • Mr. Nussbaum.
  • National Geographic Kids.
  • Poptropica.
  • Funbrain.
  • BBC Schools: Games.
  • Primary Games.

When did school days the game come out?

January 17, 2008
The game was released on January 17, 2008 and assessed by the Computer Entertainment Rating Organization (CERO), Japan’s primary video game content rating system, receiving a 15-years-or-older “C” rating for sexual themes and profanity.

How do I download school days on my computer?

School Days Download for PC Windows 10/8/7 – Method 2:

  1. Step 1: Download and Install MemuPlay on your PC.
  2. Step 2: Once the emulator is installed, just open it and find Google Playstore app icon on the home screen of Memuplay.
  3. Step 3: Now search for School Days app on Google playstore.

What is the ending of school days?

This ending is reached when Makoto chooses Sekai but not completely abandoning Kotonoha which leads her to obsess over Makoto and go into Yandere mode to kill Sekai. This ending has at least 6 routes leading up to it, and Makoto can go back to Kotonoha in 5 of them.

Is the game school days free to play?

Although the game is mostly free to play, you can upgrade to a “Private” education to remove ads and make the school your own – starting with a student of your own creation and saving your changes to all 10 classes as well as the teachers and civilians.

How does school days work on Google Play?

Live every hour of every day in real-time – from getting out of bed in the morning to attending a timetable full of classes, as you explore a city filled with interactive props. Picking up knowledge from each class helps you answer real questions in 10 different subjects, as you work towards the grades you need to graduate.

How many endings are there in School Days HQ?

School Days HQ Features: – High Quality remake and graphic upgrade of the original School Days – Fully animated game with dozens of interactive choices and hundreds of branching outcomes – Over 20 possible endings, including harem ends and tragic bad ends

Is the school day filled with fun or fear?

But with over 100 fellow students walking the halls, an equally important popularity contest decides whether your days are filled with fun or fear.