Is there a way to run a NFL pool for free?

Is there a way to run a NFL pool for free?

Is there a way to run a NFL pool for free?

Our NFL pool hosting and management service is completely web-based, meaning no software to download and manage and no scores for you to enter every week. We do the hard work for you. Your pool will be up and running in minutes, ready to invite members. Run your pool for free through the first week of the season.

When does the office football pool come out?

Easy to Run, Fun to Play. Coming July 15th! Talk directly to our development staff when you have questions. Established in 1999, and our fan base keeps growing. Cheers!

Which is the best website for pool hosting?

Cheers! Tom Reeves It is a perfect website and set up and you will have a loyal bunch of customers. Terrific year! This was our first experience with an online format. Everything went off without a hitch.

How does the last man standing pool work?

Survive and advance! Our most popular NFL Pool format! Also known as Suicide, Eliminator, Knockout, or Last Man Standing pools. Pool members choose one NFL team each week that they believe will win. Each pool member chooses one NFL team each week.Picks are made ‘straight up’, not using a point spread system.

How are points calculated in the NFL pool?

Entries accrue points in real-time based on the game statistics of the players in their lineup. Pool Administrators can decide how many times per season NFL players can be picked by each member. Standings are calculated for each week and for the year-to-date.

How are points awarded in the underdog pool?

Members pick one team a week and are rewarded with their margin of victory (or the point spread in an underdog pool). In a margin pool, they are awarded points equal to the margin of victory if their team wins. In an underdog pool, they can only pick underdogs and are awarded the point spread if their team wins.