Is Tulsa more expensive than Oklahoma City?

Is Tulsa more expensive than Oklahoma City?

Is Tulsa more expensive than Oklahoma City?

Oklahoma City is 2.6% more expensive than Tulsa. Oklahoma City housing costs are 9.6% more expensive than Tulsa housing costs. Health related expenses are 7.0% more in Oklahoma City.

Is OKC bigger than Tulsa?

OKC has always been the bigger city, has the bigger economy, is the state capital, home to a major AFB, at the crossroads of 3 interstates, and has seen continued growth while Tulsa has seen slower growth. Both cities didn’t escape urban renewal but downtown Tulsa is plagued with more parking lots than downtown OKC.

What is the rudest city in Oklahoma?

1. Clinton, OK. Clinton, Oklahoma is the worst place in the state to live if you are a single woman.

What is the nicest town in Oklahoma?

The 10 Most Beautiful Towns in Oklahoma

  • Bartlesville.
  • El Reno.
  • Guthrie.
  • Hugo.
  • Kenton.
  • Medicine Park.
  • Perry.
  • Stillwater.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Oklahoma?

According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) “Living Wage Calculator,” Oklahomans must make at least $7.98 an hour to cover basic living expenses. In Oklahoma County, a single adult must make at least $8.19 an hour to survive.

How much does it cost to live in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma City cost of living is 85.4

COST OF LIVING Oklahoma City Oklahoma
Grocery 94.7 92.3
Health 117.2 115.8
Housing 56.2 54
Median Home Cost $165,200 $146,600

Is Tulsa Oklahoma a nice place to live?

Not only is T-Town a safe and affordable place to live, but it’s also a great place for retirees to spend their golden years. Tulsa’s many restaurants, lively arts and entertainment, abundant outdoor recreation, and thriving sports culture all contribute to it being an excellent place for retirees to live.

Is OKC a big city?

1,608 km²
Oklahoma City/Area

Where should you not live in Oklahoma?

Most Dangerous Cities in Oklahoma

  • Tulsa.
  • Shawnee.
  • Del City.
  • Muskogee.
  • Oklahoma City.
  • Ponca City.
  • Lawton.
  • Ardmore.

What’s the worst town in Oklahoma?

Top 5 Most Dangerous Cities in Oklahoma

  • Shawnee.
  • Tulsa.
  • Del City.
  • Muskogee.
  • Oklahoma City.

What are the bad areas of Oklahoma City?

Wildewood, South Park Estates, and Briarwood Circle: These neighborhoods are all west of Remington Park, The Oklahoma City Zoo, and the Science Museum. Heading south on Martin Luther King Boulevard from I-44 these areas will be on your right. This area is known for drug use and violence.

What is the top 5 cities in Oklahoma?

Looking for a list of cities, counties or zips in Oklahoma?

Rank City Population
1 Oklahoma City 643,692
2 Tulsa 402,324
3 Norman 122,837
4 Broken Arrow 108,496