Is Zdp 189 a super steel?

Is Zdp 189 a super steel?

Is Zdp 189 a super steel?

This is a steel so renowned for its razor sharp edge and durability that it’s used often in high end custom knives. Spyderco, one of the highest rated production knife makers in the business, has also implemented this super steel into their designs. Check out the most popular ZDP-189 knife models below!

Is CTS BD1 good?

Carpenter’s CTS-BD1 is a good steel for knives. This steel is simply an improved version of most of the cheap steels available as it offers you better edge retention and high wear resistance. It also offers excellent corrosion resistance and is extremely easy to sharpen.

Is S35VN better than S30V?

This composition makes it tougher (resistance to edge chipping) without reducing the wear resistance (edge holding) of the steel. S35VN also has a finer grain structure than S30V. Yet it is easier to machine, grind and polish due to the substitution of niobium for a part of vanadium plus the addition of molybdenum.

Which steel is better S30V or 154CM?

154Cm is pretty identical to something like VG-10. It takes a super sharp edge and very easy to sharpen. Like Kawr said, it’s similar to VG-10. Although in my experiance VG-10 holds an edge slightly better.

Which is better, CPM S30V or M390?

M390 is same as CPM S30V. At least performs same on edge holding test on manila rope. CPM S30V by Buck heat treated by Boss on 110 holds 20th place and M390 by BM on 710 holds 21st. Usually BM show worse results then Buck – Buck has better heat treatment then many.

Is the S30V stainless steel a good steel?

When S30V first became mainstream as a high-end cutlery steel, the propaganda machine went full blast and touted it as the end all be all of steels. This prompted its ubiquitous adoption. Is S30V a good steel?

Which is better Spyderco S60V or CPM S110V?

Yes. Is it significantly better than S60V, which was its predecessor in the Spyderco Military, for example? No. I own an ungodly amount of knives, the vast majority of them from high performance companies like Spyderco. The steels used in my knives run the gamut from the “lowly” 8Cr13MoV all the way down to CPM S110V.

Is the Elmax M390 made in the US?

BM pushing M390 (European), Kershaw pushing for Elmax (European), I was hoping that Spyderco will push for made in US CTS-XHP, but that company is hard to understand lately. It is interesting way to do business everyone has it’s own super steel.