Vitamins: prejudices and realities

Vitamins: prejudices and realities

It seems to be getting healthier as prestigious as being rich. More and more people concerned about the problems of a healthy lifestyle. The new times are at the forefront of the public interest – the “vitamins” theme. What can and cannot vitamins do?

If we gather together all the vitamins included in the daily human need, we will get a seed the size of hemp. It is difficult to overestimate his role in maintaining our health. And while even many doctors vague idea what vitamins, what is the role of these amazing biochemical compounds in your body and what you can expect from them.


What caused the problem of topical vitamin A?

Food culture – one of the main facets of a healthy lifestyle. It is necessary to comprehend, she had to learn. Inevitably, there is a problem by itself to ensure optimal body with vitamins.

Recall that the main purpose of food – replenishing spent energy. In ancient times, when people plowed land, sowed, hunted, “worked hard” from dawn to dusk, its power consumption is 5 – 6 thousand calories. Social and technological progress has reduced the rate of two to three times. We are reaping the benefits of mechanization, automation, shorter working hours, increasing physical inactivity, an infinite of sitting at the computer.

The nature of modern food is quite different. Our menu is dominated by refined, high-calorie foods, processed, canned. Vitamins in them, as they say, next to nothing. But they are intended to support the metabolism of the body to ensure the supply of live-stream catalysts, enzymes necessary for complex chemical reactions.

You can, of course, glad that beriberi violent past and their satellites – scurvy, beriberi, pellagra – now quite rare. More common state of hypovitaminosis – partial vitamin deficiency. With him to fight like easier. But this is only at first glance.

Argued: one apple a day is able to solve the problem of shortage of essential vitamins. If… In fact, apples, greens, vegetables – only more or less reliable source of ascorbic acid. In addition, a lot depends on the variety. Japanese scientists have found: apples, oranges, grown on the yield of selected intensive technology, with the beautiful appearance of the content of ascorbic acid, carotene and 10 times lower than in the wild fruit!

Yes, we need more vegetables and fruits. It is not only the vitamins, but dietary fiber, which does not work without the intestinal tract. But they do not remove the overall problem.

Sources of vitamins in the same group in the other – meat, liver, bran bread.

The end of winter. Creeping lethargy, colds, aggravated chronic illnesses. All acute declares it vitamin deficiencies. What actions follow it?

Someone somehow certain that vitamin deficiency can be filled using their “horse dose”. Many people, even professionals forget one important fact: vitamins, unlike other nutrients, to prepare the body for future use impossible. Attempts to do so are doomed, and often dangerous.

However, there are some subtleties. Many times the increased amount of B vitamins, for example, in the worst case, causes allergies. Toxicosis should not be afraid.

The situation is different when it comes to fat-soluble vitamins A and D. They, like their “colleagues”, play an important role in the body. For example, one form of vitamin A – retinoic acid – regulates the formation of connective tissue. Vitamin D triggers the synthesis of proteins, carrying suction, calcium absorption. Their excess may play a very negative role. They joke dangerous. If a 2-fold or even 10 times the amount still is not terrible, something more is simply unacceptable.

On poultry farms in feed for chickens and birds added vitamin D in the form of an oily solution. There are many cases when the local workers, stealing is “oil”, used it for cooking, added to soups, salads. And receives poisoning.

Known role of vitamin D in the prevention of rickets children. But here’s what happened in the history of Nazi Germany. It decided, on the proposal of a doctor Harnapa, Give newborn infants just a year’s supply of vitamin D.

Followed by massive hypervitaminosises. The fact that this vitamin regulates blood calcium levels required for bone to muscle contraction, heart clear pulse. With its abundant bones begin to dissolve. Doctors have not received the desired effect, often increased further its dose. As a result, calcium is deposited in the aorta, causing its stenosis. Germany experienced a “epidemic” of violations in the circulatory system.

The conclusion is simple: vitamins – not “activators”, not “promoters” of biochemical processes. It is absolutely essential “details” in difficult conveyors metabolism. The details that must come from the outside – with food or in the form of appropriate additives, because our body cannot synthesize them taught.


Lack of vitamins inevitably affects our well-being, health, resistance to various diseases. Only one way out – on a regular basis to replenish vitamin and mineral deficiency. Without forgetting vitamins help in those cases when their effect is real disadvantage in the body. No more. But that’s a lot!

What is true for healthy people, especially in relation to the patient properly. Any patient, whatever he was sick – especially a patient with vitamin deficiency. And before you treat it, in order to be treated successfully, it is necessary to remedy the lack of vitamins in his body. Because of their lack of the power to nullify the most sophisticated achievements of modern medicine.