Was there a fight at the Reds game?

Was there a fight at the Reds game?

Was there a fight at the Reds game?

The benches cleared in the fourth inning of Saturday’s Cardinals-Reds game after Reds outfielder Nick Castellanos and Cards catcher Yadier Molina and pitcher Jake Woodford got into a dispute. Castellanos retrieved the ball and offered to toss it back to Woodford before flipping it out of play.

Why was Reds Castellanos suspended?

Nick Castellanos will serve a two-game suspension after he lost his appeal Monday, a source confirmed. He was suspended for two games by Michael Hill, MLB’s senior VP for on-field operations, for “aggressive actions and for instigating a benches-clearing incident” against the St. Louis Cardinals on April 3.

What happened between the Cardinals and Reds?

Said incident occurred during the bottom of the fourth inning and resulted in the ejection of Reds outfielder Nicholas Castellanos. With the bases full of Reds and two outs in the inning, Cardinals pitcher Jake Woodford uncorked a wild pitch that sent him and baserunner Nicholas Castellanos scrambling for the plate.

Who was ejected from the Reds game today?

Cincinnati Reds’ Nick Castellanos, David Bell ejected after called third strike during first inning. PHILADELPHIA – Nick Castellanos had a short afternoon in the Cincinnati Reds’ series finale Sunday against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Who hit Nick Castellanos?

Tyler Mahle fans eight Castellanos, who led off the bottom of the third inning, was hit on the right wrist by a 94 mph sinker from Milwaukee starter Adrian Houser.

Who won between the Cincinnati Reds and St. Louis Cardinals?

ST. LOUIS — — Nolan Arenado hit a two-run homer in the eighth and had three RBI and Paul DeJong had a solo shot to help the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Cincinnati Reds 6-4 on Saturday night.

Is Nick Castellanos hurt?

Castellanos (wrist) was reinstated from the 10-day injured list Thursday. He’ll start in right field and bat third in the Reds’ series opener versus the Pirates.

What is Nick Castellanos salary?

14 million USD (2021)
Nicholas Castellanos/Salary

Why did Jason LaRue retire?

The end just didn’t happen as LaRue had hoped, with the decision to retire being his and his family’s alone, not having that decision forced upon him because of somebody else’s actions. “I really don’t think about it (the fight) anymore unless somebody brings it up,” LaRue said.

How old is Joey Votto?

38 years (10 September 1983)
Joey Votto/Age
Canadian Joey Votto, the 37-year-old Cincinnati Reds first baseman who has been on a tear since the all-star break, got the 2,000th hit of his career on Monday with a single in the seventh inning of his team’s 14-5 win over the Chicago Cubs.

Where did Nick Castellanos go?

Nicholas Castellanos
Runs batted in 575
Detroit Tigers (2013–2019) Chicago Cubs (2019) Cincinnati Reds (2020–present)
Career highlights and awards

Who was involved in the MLB wild pitch brawl?

The brawl in question came during Saturday’s game between the St. Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati Reds. In the fourth inning, Reds outfielder Nick Castellanos took home on a wild pitch from Cardinals pitcher Jake Woodford. As the dust cleared on a play at the plate, Castellanos gave Woodford the full Allen Iverson treatment.

When was the first MLB bench clearing brawl?

Please try again later. It only took three days for MLB to see its first bench-clearing brawl of the 2021 season, and it wasn’t long before the umpires delivered one of the year’s more questionable calls. The brawl in question came during Saturday’s game between the St. Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati Reds.

Why was Nick Castellanos involved in the brawl?

Nope, it was Castellanos. Despite him being one of the few people involved in the brawl who wasn’t clearly breaking COVID-19 protocols: