What are synonyms for advantageous?

What are synonyms for advantageous?

What are synonyms for advantageous?

synonyms for advantageous

  • auspicious.
  • beneficial.
  • expedient.
  • fortunate.
  • helpful.
  • opportune.
  • profitable.
  • propitious.

What does the word advantageous?

: giving an advantage : favorable an advantageous opportunity.

What is a antonym for advantageous?

advantageous. Antonyms: bad, baneful, deadly, deleterious, destructive, detrimental, evil, foul, harmful, hurtful, injurious, insalubrious, mischievous, noisome, noxious, pernicious, perverting, pestiferous, pestilential, poisonous, ruinous, unhealthful, unwholesome.

What’s another word for kung fu?

In this page you can discover 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for kung-fu, like: taijutsu, taiji, kung, martial-arts, ryu, martial-art, karate, swordplay and he-man.

What does advantageous trait mean?

Therefore, the advantageous traits (that help certain individuals survive and reproduce) are said to be “selected” or favored by natural selection and are thus perpetuated through later generations.

What is another word for lowest point?

synonyms for lowest point

  • nil.
  • aught.
  • bottom.
  • love.
  • nadir.
  • nobody.
  • scratch.
  • zip.

Is advantageous a good thing?

If it helps you get what you want, or is generally useful, it’s advantageous. The root is the Old French word avantage, which means “advantage, profit, or superiority.” Anything that assists in your pursuit of these things is advantageous to you.

What is an advantageous person?

1. The definition of advantageous is a person, place, or thing which is favorable or which is better than most. A home built high on a hill with a spectacular ocean view is an example of living somewhere advantageous. adjective.

What is the synonym of responsible?

Some common synonyms of responsible are accountable, amenable, answerable, and liable. While all these words mean “subject to being held to account,” responsible implies holding a specific office, duty, or trust. the bureau responsible for revenue collection.

What is another word for advantage and disadvantage?

What is another word for advantages and disadvantages?

pros and cons fors and againsts
boon and bane costs and benefits

What is kung fu karate?

“Kung Fu” is a modern term applied to a sect of ancient Chinese martial arts forms. However, Karate was developed in Japan out of a martial arts practice called “te” involving hand movements. Karate was then further influenced by Chinese martial arts styles, which explains the connection between the two forms.

Is Kung Fu one word?

The term Kung Fu (功夫) is written in Pinyin as Gong Fu, which is a more accurate and appropriate pronunciation. The term is made up of two characters: the first, Kung (功), can mean skillful work, hard training, or endeavor. The second, Fu (夫), means time spent.