What are the best final year projects?

What are the best final year projects?

What are the best final year projects?

Final Year Project Ideas Worth Trying

  • Movie recommendation system.
  • Fraud app detection software.
  • Stock price prediction system.
  • Credit scoring system.
  • Online examination and evaluation system.
  • Fitness activity recognition for smartphone.
  • Handwritten digit classification system.
  • Personality prediction system.

What are the mini projects for EEE?

Here we suggest some of the good EEE Mini Projects that helps you to go deep into the concepts:

  • Automatic Street Lighting system using IoT.
  • Smart Building Project using PIR.
  • Smart Water Monitoring System using IoT.
  • Home Automation System.
  • Animatronic Hand.
  • Solar and Smart Energy Systems.
  • Weather Monitoring System using IoT.

What is the syllabus of EEE?

Semester Wise B. Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering Syllabus

Engineering Mechanics Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Computer Programming-I Computer Programming-II
Engineering Mathematics-I Engineering Mathematics-II
Engineering Chemistry Environmental Science

How do I select a mini project topic?

1. Analyze the current technology trends: Any mini project that is done with the old and outdated technologies will not have any futuristic scope. As mini projects provide you an effective platform to get skilled on technologies, use it to learn latest technologies that are currently trending.

How do I choose my final year project?

Let’s get to it!

  1. Choose a Topic that Interests You. In your final year, you’ll have studied a lot of subjects and discovered new concepts and technologies.
  2. Identify an Industrial or Social Problem and Solve It.
  3. Make a List of All The Probable Topics.
  4. Find the Right Supervisor.
  5. Identify all the Resources at Your Disposal.

What is electrical Project Engineer?

Electrical project engineers design, develop, and control the electrical systems used in a particular project. They may work in various industries and should demonstrate a sound understanding of all the project’s electrical requirements.

What projects do electrical engineers work on?

Electrical engineers work on a variety of projects, ranging from computers, robots, cell phones, cards and radar to navigation systems, wiring and lighting in buildings, and other kinds of electrical systems. Such projects often start by defining what new electronics should be able to do.

Which is the best EEE project for final year students?

EEE Projects Ideas for Final Year Students EEE refers to Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Nowadays most of the students showing interest to join in this branch to complete their B.Tech successfully and to build good career in future. In EEE, they can learn different concepts on electronics and complete their project in final year.

What are final year electrical engineering project ideas?

List of EEE Project Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students. The list of eee project ideas for final year electrical engineering students include the following. Propeller display of Time / Message. Vehicle tracking By GPS – GSM. Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights. Designing of DC Motor Speed Control Unit.

How are EEE projects used in the real world?

This project is used to protect the transformer from overload by detaching the load using a relay when an overload condition occurs. This overload can damage the transformer so it is mandatory to guard the transformer against an overload situation. This project is used to develop a system for harvesting power for sensor networks.

What are some ECE projects for final year students?

Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights: This is a simple circuit that automatically controls the intensity of street lights which is designed using microcontroller and LEDs. Line Following Robotic Circuit using Microcontroller: This line follower robot is a basic robot that follows a specific path indicated by a line having some particular width.