What are the date functions in SAS?

What are the date functions in SAS?

What are the date functions in SAS?

Date, Time, and Datetime Functions

Function Description
DATE or TODAY Returns the current date as a SAS date value
DATEJUL Converts a Julian date to a SAS date value
DHMS Returns a SAS datetime value from date, hour, minute, and second values
HMS Returns a SAS time value from hour, minute, and second values

How do you create a date variable in SAS?

DATA sample; SET sample; date = MDY(mn, days, yr); FORMAT date MMDDYY10.; RUN; Here a new variable date will be created by combining the values in the variables mn , days , and yr using the MDY function. The (optional) MMDDYY10. format tells SAS to display the date values in the form MM/DD/YYYY.

What is SAS datetime?

SAS datetime value is a value representing the number of seconds between January 1, 1960 and an hour/minute/second within a specified date. The following figure shows some dates written in calendar form and as SAS date values.

What are functions in SAS?

SAS has a wide variety of in built functions which help in analysing and processing the data. These functions are used as part of the DATA statements. They take the data variables as arguments and return the result which is stored into another variable.

How do you manipulate dates in SAS?

To change a numeric variable to a SAS date value, use both the PUT and INPUT functions. The PUT function converts the value from numeric to character. The INPUT function will then convert the character variable to the numeric SAS date.

What is put function in SAS?

The PUT function returns a value using a specified format. You must use an assignment statement to store the value in a variable. The PUT statement writes a value to an external destination (either the SAS log or a destination, that you specify).

How does SAS store time?

SAS dates are stored as simple integer numbers. SAS time/datetimes are stored as decimal numbers to include 10th and 100th of seconds. For time values the integer part is the number of seconds from midnight. For datetime the integer part equals the number of seconds from January 1,1960.

How does SAS calculate today’s date?

SAS : How to Display Current Date?

  1. In DD-MMM-YYYY format: Example: data _null_; dt=today(); format dt yymmdd10.;
  2. In DDMMMYYYY format: Example: data _null_; dt=today(); format dt date9.;
  3. In MONTH DD, YYYY format: Example: data _null_; dt=today();
  4. In WEEKDAY, MONTH DD, YYYY format: Example: data _null_; dt=today();

What is today’s date in SAS?

The TODAY function does not take any arguments. It produces the current date in the form of a SAS date value, which is the number of days since January 1, 1960. To display a meaningful date, you must apply a date format to the output value.

What is the difference between SAS functions and procedures?

FUNCTIONS vs. The fundamental difference between functions and procedures is that a function expects the argument values to supplied across an observation in a SAS data set. Procedures expects one variable value per observation.

What are SAS procedures?

SAS Procedures exist to carry out all the forms of statistical analysis. A procedure is invoked in a “PROC step” which starts with the keyword PROC, such as: PROC MEANS DATA=CLASS; VAR HEIGHT WEIGHT; The VAR or VARIABLES statement can be used with all procedures to indicate which variables are to be analyzed.