What are the dimensions of a Fiat Ducato?

What are the dimensions of a Fiat Ducato?

What are the dimensions of a Fiat Ducato?

Total vehicle length ranges from 4963mm to 6363mm, while height is from 2254mm to 2774mm. The Ducato’s width is 2050mm, with a useable load space width of 1870mm. Load length ranges from 2670mm to 4070mm and height from 1662mm to 2172mm. The loading height for the rear deck is a maximum of 550mm.

Is the Fiat Ducato available in the US?

The FIAT Ducato has gone on sale in North America as the 2014 Ram ProMaster. Ram is Chrysler’s commercial vehicle brand in North America and offers a broad range of trucks, pickups and light commercial vehicles. The FIAT Ducato has gone on sale in North America as the 2014 Ram ProMaster.

What are the dimensions of a Fiat Ducato motorhome?

Fiat / Ducato

Ducato 30 2.2JTD 100 L2H1
Overall length (mm) 5413
Overall height (mm) 2254
Overall width (mm) 2050
Wheelbase (mm) 3450

How long is a Fiat Ducato LWB?

The Ducato is a big van and consequently the overall lengths range from 4963mm to 6363mm, the width remains the same throughout at 2050mm without the mirrors and the three roof heights mean the height ranges from 2254mm to 2774mm.

How many seats does a Fiat Ducato have?

9 Seats
Ducato Combi ׀ Passenger Transport – 9 Seats ׀ Fiat Professional.

Is Ram ProMaster same as Fiat Ducato?

The main — and most obvious — difference between the Ram ProMaster and the Fiat Ducato is that the ProMaster is sold in the U.S. and Canada, and the Ducato is sold overseas. The biggest similarity between the two is that both are built with the same unibody construction.

How much does a Fiat Ducato cost?

Fiat has announced pricing information and full specification for the updated Ducato van. On sale now, prices start at £24,670 (excluding VAT) for the lowest-powered, short wheelbase version, climbing to £36,270 (excluding VAT) for the range-topping long-wheelbase crew-cab variant.

Where is the weight plate on a Fiat Ducato?

ray. On my Autotrail the weight plates are under the bonnet on the front panel where the bonnet catch is mounted. There are 2 plates, one is the original Fiat Ducato plate and the second is a stick on one fitted by Autotrail after the conversion with the amended weights on it.

How much weight can a Fiat Ducato carry?

The at-a-glance info is that the Ducato can carry between 800kg and 2,100kg maximum payload, depending on version – and in fact, on later models the minimum payload is closer to around 1,000kg. If you got some heavy stuff to shift, this is an ace choice of large van.

CENTIMETERS The interior dimensions (length) of the Fiat Ducato cargo space is 2670mm (L1), 3120mm (L2), 3705mm (L3), and 4070mm (L4). The interior width of the MutliJet 2 is 1870mm and the exterior width is 2254mm. The interior height of the Fiat Ducato is 1662mm (H1), 1932mm (H2), and 2172mm (H3).

What makes a Fiat Ducato van so special?

The new Radio with Navigation system offers something unique: the possibility to set the vehicle’s dimensions including also the conversion and loading capacity of the vehicle in order to obtain indications to avoid narrow roads or low tunnels. An engine for every mission, efficient fuel consumption and emissions, dynamic and ecological.

What kind of gearbox does a Fiat Ducato have?

All the manual versions have 6 speed gearboxes, with specific gear ratios for the Maxi range. Automatic 9 speed gearbox is also available, providing increased torque and performance and giving the opportunity to choose between three driving modes: normal, ECO and power.

How long has Ducato van been transporting goods?

For over 35 years, we have been repaying your trust with reliability and dedication. Your mission becomes our mission whether you are transporting goods, people or if you have specific needs.