What are the names of the rabbits in Watership Down?

What are the names of the rabbits in Watership Down?

What are the names of the rabbits in Watership Down?

Hazel, Fiver, Bigwig, and the other rabbits founded their own warren at Watership Down, Hampshire after a great deal of exploring. Hazel was Chief Rabbit. He is a strong leader with a talent for bringing out the best in every rabbit. General Woundwort was the founder and Chief Rabbit of Efrafa until his death.

What are the characters names in Watership Down?

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What does fiver look like?

Fiver has mostly been portrayed as a small, runty rabbit with brown fur, often with a differently proportioned body compared to the other rabbits.

Who is the most powerful rabbit in Watership Down?

Thus it comes as no surprise when at a crucial moment, the most physically powerful rabbit in the new warren on Watership Down, Bigwig, once Hazelʼs principal rival, is willing to sacrifice himself to carry out Hazelʼs wishes, for the good of the community.

What is female rabbit called?

The female rabbit is called a doe, giving birth is called kindling and baby rabbits are called kittens. Rabbit kits are born with their eyes and ears sealed shut, and completely furless.

Who is the most famous rabbit?

Bugs Bunny is one of the most loved rabbits of all time. His antics along with Elmer Fudd have made Bugs Bunny the world’s most famous rabbit.

Who survives Watershipdown?

However, no trace of Woundwort is ever found, which leaves his fate a mystery. Several years later, an elderly Hazel is visited by the Black Rabbit, who invites him to join his own Owsla, assuring him of Watership Down’s perpetual safety. Reassured, Hazel accepts and dies peacefully.

How much money is a fiver?

A fiver is a five dollar bill.

Do female rabbits have periods?

Rabbits do not menstruate. If unspayed females start passing blood, they can bleed to death within a few days. Blood in the urine can also be a sign of bladder stones. If a bunny is not feeling well, or if it is obese and has soft poop, then it will not groom itself well in its genital and tail region.

What’s a female fox called?

Foxes are members of the dog family. A female fox is called a “vixen”, a male fox is called a “dog fox” or a “tod” and baby foxes are called “pups”, “kits” or “cubs”. A group of foxes is called a “skulk” or a “leash”.

Who is a famous Bunny?


Name Species Work
Alice Cottontail rabbit Alice’s Farm: A Rabbit’s Tale
Babbitty Rabbitty Rabbit The Tales of Beedle the Bard
Basil Stag Hare Hare Redwall & Mattimeo
Benjamin Bunny Rabbit The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, The Tale of The Flopsy Bunnies, The Tale of Mr. Tod

What kind of rabbit is Fiver in Watership Down?

A small, nervous rabbit and Hazel ’s brother. The runt of his litter, Fiver has been blessed—or cursed—all his life with a series of visions that allow him to sense or even see the future.

Who is the Chief Rabbit in Watership Down?

Groundsel: An Owsla officer. He was captured at the end of Woundwort’s raid on the warren at Watership Down and later was allowed to join the warren. In the end, he becomes Chief Rabbit of a new warren between Watership Down and Efrafa, which in Tales from Watership Down gets the name “Vleflain”.

What kind of rabbit is General Woundwort from Watership Down?

He is described as a savage-looking rabbit almost as large as a hare, with razor sharp claws and cold eyes. Woundwort was orphaned at a young age when his father was shot by a human and his mother was slaughtered by a weasel.

Who are the Efrafan rabbits in Watership Down?

Thistle: Another rabbit who was captured at the end of the attack on Watership Down. He is a good tracker, even better than Blackavar. In the TV series, he and the other Efrafans come to Watership down after the raid on Efrafa.