What are the size requirements for EDDM?

What are the size requirements for EDDM?

What are the size requirements for EDDM?

EDDM-Retail™ makes it possible for small businesses to send Direct Mail (Standard Mail ® flats only) — Note that the minimum mailpiece size is 3.5 inches high, 5 inches long, and 0.007 inch thick, but to be considered a flat, a piece must exceed at least one of the minimum dimensions noted in the accompanying …

What are the requirements for EDDM?

Every Door Direct Mail Pieces must conform to these guidelines:

  • Minimum EDDM Size Must be one of the following: More than 10 1/2 inches in length, 6 inches in height. or more than ¼ -inch thick.
  • Maximum EDDM Size. Cannot be larger than 15 inches in height, 12 inches in width, and more than 3/4-inch thick.

What size is an EDDM postcard?

6.5″ x 9″
Plenty of room for your message – Every Door Direct Mail offers a flexible range of sizes, making it ideal for announcing sales, sending coupons, and much more. Three of the most popular options are postcards (6.5″ x 9″), oversized postcards (8.5″ x 11″), and tri-fold menus (4.25″ x 14″).

How do I make a EDDM postcard?

9 Tips for Designing a Successful EDDM® Postcard

  1. Headline. Start the postcard with a simple, yet bold opening statement.
  2. Message. Establish why people should choose you over your competition.
  3. Coupon or Discount. People love a good deal.
  4. Call to Action. Call to action!
  5. Contact Information.
  6. Photos.
  7. Logo.
  8. Testimonials.

Does EDDM need an address?

You need to supply either a physical address or a P.O. Box, and where you put it is just as important. Typically, we think of the return address going just to the left of the indicia. But with EDDM® mailing services, it is required for the return address to be placed in the top left corner.

How much is postage for EDDM?

EDDM costs about 18¢ per piece. That’s a fraction of the cost of standard or First-Class® postage, which costs around 44¢ per piece. It’s easy to reach out to local communities. For smaller businesses, EDDM allows you to promote your products and services to nearby neighborhoods that may benefit from it.

Does EDDM need a stamp?

EDDM® Indicia Businesses that mail often register for their own indicia mark. This means you do not need to spend time stamping each campaign, and you don’t need to register for your own indicia to complete an EDDM® mailing. Be sure to use the EDDM® Retail Indicia if you do not have an existing permit indicia.

What is a EDDM postcard?

EDDM stands for Every Door Direct Mail and is a bulk mailing option offered by the United States Postal Service that allows your business to reach potential customers without knowing their address.

What is an EDDM postcard?

How much does EDDM cost?

Pricing. The cost of EDDM Retail is $0.20 per piece. After all is said and done, the postage savings can reach up to 7 cents over standard letter mail, or 3.5 cents over 4×6 postcard first class postage rate. That adds up fast when you’re sending thousands of postcards.

How do you address EDDM?

Formatting Addresses & Postage Use the EDDM Retail Indicia, which is a postage payment mark that takes the place of a regular postage stamp or meter stamp. Every EDDM mailpiece must include the EDDM Retail Indicia above and to the right of the address block.

Does EDDM include postage?

Q: Does my mail deliver to every address? A: With EDDM®, your mail delivers to every address/mailbox within your selected carrier routes. You MUST deliver to all residential addresses, however, you may choose to include or exclude business and PO Box addresses at no additional cost.