What channels do you get with DIRECTV Premier?

What channels do you get with DIRECTV Premier?

What channels do you get with DIRECTV Premier?


  • 330+ channels and thousands of On Demand titles.
  • HBO Max, CINEMAX, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and Epix included.

What does DIRECTV premier package include?

with the DIRECTV PREMIER™ Package Over 330 channels of thrilling entertainment for the whole family are packed into the PREMIER™ Package. Get the entertainment everyone is talking about with the PREMIER™ Package. Premium networks like HBO®, SHOWTIME®, Cinemax® and STARZ® are included at no extra cost.

Does DIRECTV Premier come with NFL Sunday Ticket?

DIRECTV Premier Package – 330+ Channels, NFL SUNDAY TICKET. With all the premium channels, hit shows, on-demand movies, and live TV, you won’t miss a thing.

Is HBO max free with DIRECTV Premier?

If your DIRECTV subscription includes HBO, you get access to HBO Max at no additional charge. HBO is included with DIRECTV PREMIER and LO MAXIMO packages. To change your package or add HBO, sign in to your directv.com account and select My Programming to review package options.

How much does it cost to add movie channels to DIRECTV?

Premium channels and pricing

Channel add-ons What it includes Price
CINEMAX, SHOWTIME, and STARZ Big-name premium channels $32.97/mo.
EPIX EPIX channels $5.99/mo.
MOVIES EXTRA PACK More HD programming, including classic and contemporary movies, short films, documentaries, and musical performances $4.99/mo.

How much are the premium channels on DIRECTV?

HBO Max, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and EPIX® are included for 3 months and auto-renews thereafter at then prevailing rates (currently $14.99/mo. for HBO Max, $10.99/mo. each for Cinemax, SHOWTIME or STARZ and $5.99/mo.

What DIRECTV package has EPIX?

DIRECTV offers Epix® on its listing of add-on premium networks. You can subscribe to Epix à la carte for $5.99 per month with DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE™, or ULTIMATE All-included package. If you sign up for the top DIRECTV tier PREMIER™, you get to enjoy unlimited access to Epix.

Does DirecTV have a loyalty discount?

DirecTV is one of the better service providers in terms of getting loyalty discounts. You can generally get loyalty discounts of 60% vs 20% of the time at more strict service providers like Verizon. To get these loyalty discounts, just ask the customer support rep if there’s any way for them to save you money.

What DIRECTV channel is HBO Max?

channel 501
DIRECTV customers can add HBO Max instantly by tuning to channel 501 and following the prompts.

Can I add just one channel to DirecTV?

Go to Change Your TV Service. Select Change Plan > Channel add-ons. Select Add next to the channel or package you want to add and then Continue.