What chemicals does Terminix use for termites?

What chemicals does Terminix use for termites?

What chemicals does Terminix use for termites?

Dr. Mampe advises all his clients – including Terminix – to use the new class of liquid termite chemicals that are on the market. Termidor and its generic equivalents containing fipronil have been the gold-standard for termite prevention in the professional pest control industry for well over a decade.

What does Terminix use for termite treatment?

The Terminix Liquid Defend Treatment is designed to use the termites to spread the material throughout the colony, collapsing the entire colony rather than quickly killing a few termites near the surface.

Does spraying for termites work?

Termite treatments are performed as a soil and structural treatment and are not sprayed on. There are two primary types of sprays that can be used to combat termites: repellent and non-repellent. The main difference between the two is that non-repellent sprays are virtually undetectable by termites.

What is a termite protection plan?

Our Termite Inspection & Protection Plan is exactly what you need to protect your home and your family for the following reasons: Our plan includes regular inspections to detect early infestation by termites. If termites are found, our plan includes all necessary treatment to eliminate them.

Do you need termite insurance?

Termite coverage is akin to flood insurance for homes in a flood plain. If the property is at moderate to high risk, you need insurance specifically for that risk. That means a termite bond with a pest control company or termite damage rider with a homeowners insurance policy.

Is termite insurance necessary?

Termite Insurance Coverage. Termite insurance is required for certain parts of the United States, Australia and around the world which are at high risk from termite infestations.

What is a termite policy?

Virtually every mortgagee requires a “Termite Policy” for any home located in an area known to have termites. Termites can eat 1 foot a day of wood and can destroy a home PDQ.