What color is Lincoln Park After Dark OPI?

What color is Lincoln Park After Dark OPI?

What color is Lincoln Park After Dark OPI?

This aubergine is as deep as evening shadows in Lincoln Park. A near-black purple, this color is ready for neighborhood night life.

Is OPI Lincoln Park After Dark black?

Lincoln Park After Dark is NOT black. This is one of those colors that your grandma might think is black because it’s dark, but it’s very clearly an elegant, dark nail polish.

When did OPI Lincoln Park After Dark?

OPI introduced its blockbuster dark-eggplant color Lincoln Park After Dark in 2005. It followed up with the even deeper purple Lincoln Park at Midnight. Chanel, the true innovator of dark shades, shocked the beauty world with the introduction of Vamp, a blend of black and red, in the early ’90s.

What color nail polish do guys find most attractive?

  1. 1 Ruby Red. Share. I have had men tell me multiple times that the best color on all women is bright ruby red.
  2. 2 Coral. Share. Coral has been declared by many fashion experts as the go-to color for spring and summer.
  3. 3 Emerald. Share.
  4. 4 Ballet Slipper Pink. Share.
  5. 5 Lavender. Share.
  6. 6 Crimson. Share.
  7. 7 Magenta. Share.
  8. 8 Nude. Share.

What color is Linkin Park after dark?

What kind of nail polish is Lincoln Park after dark?

Lincoln Park After Dark is by far and away my favorite nail polish color. It’s the perfect blend of black and aubergine. This is my go to polish since it looks good with everything I wear. OPI polishes are consistently great quality and with proper application technique last for a long time.

How long does OPI infinite Shine Polish last?

A chic, deep purple for autumn and winter. Perfect office-appropriate nail color that isn’t black. OPI’s Infinite Shine is a three-step long lasting nail polish line that provides gel-like high shine and 11 days of wear. Use with Infinite Shine Primer and Infinite Shine Gloss for extended wear. Made in the USA.

How to apply OPI nail lacquer on nails?

Make sure to apply OPI Nail Lacquer using the Three Stroke Method to avoid streaking and create an even application. Start by taking enough color on the brush for your three stokes, but not too much to flood the cuticles. Apply on center then sides. Video Player is loading. This is a modal window.

How do you apply infinite Shine nail polish?

Shake long lasting nail polish shade of choice before application to properly mix pigment (this will help avoid streakiness!). Apply two thin coats of Infinite Shine to each nail. Brush some polish at the nail’s free edge to cap the nails and help prevent chipping. Lastly, apply one coat of Infinite Shine Gloss.