What conference is Mercer in?

What conference is Mercer in?

What conference is Mercer in?

Southern Conference
Mercer Bears football/Conference

Mercer University is an NCAA Division I institution and competes in the Southern Conference. Mercer first fielded an athletic team in January 1892 when its football team played the University of Georgia in Athens.

What schools make up the Southern Conference?

Southern Conference charter members were Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi State, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Tennessee, Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Washington & Lee.

How many teams are in the Southern Conference?

The list of Southern Conference football champions includes 19 distinct teams that have won the college football championship awarded by the Southern Conference since its creation.

What conference is the Citadel in?

The Citadel Bulldogs football/Conference
The Citadel is affiliated with NCAA Division I athletics and in football the NCAA Football Championship Subdivision (formerly Division I-AA). The school’s conference affiliation is the Southern Conference, of which they have been a member since 1936.

How many students are at Mercer?

8,600 (2015)
Mercer University/Total enrollment

Does Mercer University give athletic scholarships?

Financial Aid – Mercer University Athletics. Athletic scholarships are not entitlements. They are initially awarded based upon athletics ability and on the condition that the recipient satisfy academic eligibility requirements and participate in the sport for the entire award period.

Who is in the NCAA Southern Conference?

There are currently 11 institutions spanning five states that are members of this conference: Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Current league members are Appalachian State, The Citadel, Davidson, Elon, Furman, Georgia Southern, UNCG, Samford, Chattanooga, Western Carolina and Wofford.

Is the Citadel all male?

The Citadel formally ended 153 years of male-only education today, welcoming four young women into its cadet corps and acknowledging it was bowing to “a clear message” from the Supreme Court that publicly financed single-sex education was unconstitutional.

What GPA is required for Mercer?

Minimum GPA: To be admissible to Mercer University, all transfer applicants must have a cumulative college grade point average of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. Official Transcripts: The submission of official college transcripts is required.