What do you do at Alstede farm in NJ?

What do you do at Alstede farm in NJ?

What do you do at Alstede farm in NJ?

Our sustainable farm loves innovative growing techniques which also translates to inventive cooking and eating. So when garlic scapes are in season on our farm we couldn’t be more excited to get to work on new & delicious seasonal recipes with you in […]

When to plant peas at Alstede farm NJ?

Peas are an annual, cool season vegetable grown for their edible pods and seeds. We plant them in the ground very early in the spring so they can mature and be […] Never E-scape the Garlic! As food growers, we tend to be foodies, that is food fanatics.

What kind of squash are at Alstede farms?

Alstede Fresh Summer Squash – Yellow Zucchini… $ 0.89 $ 0.50 Sale! $ 10.99 $ 8.99 Sale! Summer Squash is not a vegetable per se, it’s technically referred to by horticulturists and plant scientists as a “pepo” which is a type of hard-walled berry. Cucumbers and watermelon are described as pepo as well.

When is broccoli in season at Alstede farms?

Broccoli is in season right now on our farm and we’re excited to share with you all about why broccoli is a healthy food choice due to its high nutritional content, delicious taste, and wide availability and appeal. Broccoli is a sun loving, cool weather crop harvested on our farm both in the Spring & […]

Is the Randolph YMCA for a better US?

The Coaches, Swimmers, and Parents spent the afternoon reflecting and celebrating the teams accomplishments. Special highlights include recognizing our… This past weekend the Randolph YMCA and RANY Swim team were proud to host a Fitter and Faster Swim Camp at our facility.

How much does it cost to pick sunflowers at Alstede?

Sunflowers are $2.00 per stem payable upon exit from Pick Your Own areas. Clippers available to rent for a $20.00 refundable deposit. Conditions are currently GOOD. Plenty of seed heads from past plantings.