What does a hematocrit of 60% mean?

What does a hematocrit of 60% mean?

What does a hematocrit of 60% mean?

Hematocrit values less than 15% and greater than 60% are considered critical values. Values >70% are considered critical in neonates.

What does it mean if your RBC HGB and HCT are high?

Polycythemia definition Polycythemia is a condition that results in an increased level of circulating red blood cells in the bloodstream. People with polycythemia have an increase in hematocrit, hemoglobin, or red blood cell count above the normal limits.

What does low HGB and HCT indicate?

What are the symptoms of low hemoglobin? Low Hgb is also known as anemia, which means that you don’t have enough red blood cells in your body. With anemia, a blood test will also show that you have a low red blood cell count and may have low hematocrit, the volume of red blood cells to other components in your blood.

At what hematocrit Do you transfuse?

Because tissue oxygen delivery is dependent on hemoglobin and cardiac output, past medical practice has supported the use of the “golden 10/30 rule,” by which patients are transfused to a hemoglobin concentration of 10 g/dL or a hematocrit of 30%, regardless of symptoms.

What is normal range for hematocrit?

The normal hematocrit range for adult males is 40 to 54% (average = 47%); for adult females it is 38 to 46% (average = 42%). A hematocrit of 40 indicates that 40% of the volume of blood is composed of red blood cells ( RBCs ).

Is a hematocrit level of 32.7 normal?

A good Hematocrit is usually between 36 and 50 %. Lower your Hematocrit by 32.7 % to be within normal range. Please note: gender influences the normal range of the hematocrit value should be in. For men, 40-54% are within normal range while for women 40-54% are considered normal.

What is the normal hemoglobin and hematocrit range?

Reference Values. Hemoglobin level for males is 14 to 18 g/dl; that for females is 12 to 16 g/dl while the normal hematocrit for men should be 40 to 54%; for women it should be 36 to 48%.

What are the causes of a high hematocrit level?

Causes of Elevated Hematocrit and Hemoglobin Polycythemia vera. This is a medical condition wherein the body produces too many red blood cells. Dehydration. Dehydration could also alter the hemoglobin and hematocrit values, as loss of fluids reduces the blood volume. Conditions that Cause Hypoxia. Blood Doping.