What does perpendicularity tolerance mean?

What does perpendicularity tolerance mean?

What does perpendicularity tolerance mean?

Perpendicularity tolerance is a three-dimensional geometric tolerance that controls how much a surface, axis, or plane can deviate from a 90 degree angle or it is can be defined as a condition of a surface, median plant, or axis at 90 degree to a datum plane or axis.

What is perpendicularity in machining?

In a mechanical part drawing, perpendicularity tolerance allows the designer to specify the degree to which the orientation of a right-angled part feature may vary. The perpendicularity symbol is often used on a drawing to ensure that mating features can be assembled.

What is an orientation tolerance?

Orientation tolerance is a geometric tolerance that determines the orientation for the form in relation to a reference. The parallelism, perpendicularity, and angularity of two lines or two planes are measured using a datum plane as a reference. This can also be measured using a height gauge or square ruler.

How is flatness tolerance defined?

What is flatness tolerance? The flatness tolerance zone is the area between two parallel planes, into which the surface in question would need to fit in order to qualify as “flat.” The flatness tolerance would be the allowable distance between those parallel planes.

Can perpendicularity affect flatness?

Our perpendicularity control specifies that perpendicularity must be held within 0.2 relative to datum [A]. The figure below shows the tolerance zone for our perpendicularity control. Because the entire surface must fall within this tolerance zone, the flatness of the surface is controlled as well as the angle.

How is total runout calculated?

Total runout can be checked with a dial indicator by rotating the part and sweeping back and forth along the datum axis while measuring the maximum and minimum deviations of the entire surface.

How do you show flatness tolerance?

Flatness is can be measured using a height gauge run across the surface of the part if only the reference feature is held parallel. You are trying making sure that any point along the surface does not go above or below the tolerance zone.

What is another word for flatness?

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