What does SIC mean in medical terms?

What does SIC mean in medical terms?

What does SIC mean in medical terms?

(sic) (spinal) epidural space.

What does PMB in medical terms stand for?

Definition. Postmenopausal bleeding (PMB) is defined for practical purposes as vaginal bleeding occurring after twelve months of amenorrhoea, in a woman of the age where the menopause can be expected.

What is the full name of PVR?

Priya Village Roadshow Ltd
PVR Ltd was incorporated on April 26 1995 as Priya Village Roadshow Ltd pursuant to a joint venture agreement between Priya Exhibitors Pvt Ltd and Village Roadshow Ltd.

What is the difference between an eponym and an acronym give an example of an acronym?

is that eponym is the name of a real or fictitious person whose name has, or is thought to have, given rise to the name of a particular item while acronym is an abbreviation formed by (usually initial) letters taken from a word or series of words, that is itself pronounced as a word, such as ram”, ”radar”, or ” …

What does sic mean in banking?

Standard Industrial Classification A system of four digit codes used in business to classify the industry to which a company belongs.

What is the full form of sic?

SIC Full Form is Society of Indigent Cattle

Term Definition Category
SIC Standard Industry Classifications Military
SIC Subject Identification Code Military and Defence
SIC Supply Installation and Commissioning Hardware
SIC Stand In Context Media

What is the full meaning of POB?

What does POB mean? Post-Office box, PO Box, POB, call box, letter box(noun) a numbered compartment in a post office where mail is put to be called for.

What is the full meaning of GPO?

Group Policy Object
abbreviation. (Group Policy Object) The essential component in Microsoft’s Active Directory, a GPO defines rules for users, computers, groups and organizational units (OUs). GPOs are used to establish security settings, install applications, run scripts, set group preferences and configure the Registry.