What does the eras application look like?

What does the eras application look like?

What does the eras application look like?

The ERAS application should include a personal statement, letters of recommendation, USMLE transcripts (optional). COMLEX-USA transcripts (optional), medical student performance evaluation (MSPE), medical school transcript, photo (optional), and ECFMG status report (only for international medical graduates).

Is there an app for eras?

MyECFMG Mobile App Update Offers New Features for ERAS Applicants. For more information on login requirements for the MyECFMG mobile app, what you can do with the app, and a link to download it for free to your iPhone or Android phone, visit http://www.ecfmg.org/resources/myecfmg-mobile-app.html.

What are eras in healthcare?

Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS®) refers to patient-centered, evidence-based, multidisciplinary team developed pathways for a surgical specialty and facility culture to reduce the patient’s surgical stress response, optimize their physiologic function, and facilitate recovery.

How many words is 7000 characters?

7000 characters of your Personal Statement Please, answer all mentioned questions with approximately 200 – 250 words per question. If you will do it then you will miss a headache of counting words and characters. Roughly 7000 characters with spaces fit for one two-sided A4 page.

How many pages is 50000 characters?

Doable, right? If you’re thinking bigger and wondering, for example, how many pages is 50,000 words, simply divide your target word count (50,000) by 500 (since that’s the average words per page). Your answer here is 100 pages. Don’t let those commas instill fear.

How many pages is 1000 characters?

Pages by Word CountWord CountPages (single spaced)Pages (double spaced)800 Words1⅗ Pages3⅕ Pages1000 Words2 Pages4 Pages1200 Words2⅖ Pages4⅘ Pages1500 Words3 Pages6 Pages16

How many lines is 150 words?

17 lines