What does Thon mean in slang?

What does Thon mean in slang?

What does Thon mean in slang?

\ ” \ Definition of thon (Entry 2 of 2) chiefly Scottish. : being the one yonder : that entry 2.

How do phone a thons work?

Business-grade webphones can call any outside line and take incoming calls from regular phones and Internet callers alike. With a small team of volunteers, you can use webphone technology to set up a mobile calling center in minutes. Organizing a phone-a-thon to raise money can be time consuming and costly.

How do I host a phonathon?

  1. 7 General Tips for Running a Successful Phonathon Campaign.
  2. Focus on the Larger Mission.
  3. Create a Standardized Script.
  4. Practice with Mock Calls.
  5. Schedule Calls When Your Donors are Home.
  6. Have Your Callers Set Nightly and Weekly Goals.
  7. Use Phonathon Management Software.
  8. Incorporate a Matching Gifts Strategy.

What does Thon mean in Irish?

Scottish, Northern English, Northern Irish. That person or thing. ‘look at the state of thon’

What does the pronoun Thon mean?

thon. Pronoun of the 3rd person, common gender, meaning “that one, he she, or it”: a neoterism proposed by Charles Crozat Converse, and apparently complying with the neoteristic canons, since it supplies an antecedent blank, obeys a simple and obvious analogy, and is euphonious.

How do you call a donor?

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  1. Use your available resources when asking for donations over the phone.
  2. Make it personal when making your call.
  3. Make the case during your donation request.
  4. Have a script when you ask for the donation…
  5. Listen up! Let donors get a word in on your call.
  6. Make a genuine appeal during your phone call.

How do you thank someone for donating over the phone?

I’m a _________ (staff, volunteer, alumnus, board member, etc) of __________ (org name). I’m NOT calling to ask you for money. I’m just calling to thank you for the donation you made to ________ (specific project, fundraising appeal, etc.). It really means a lot and I wanted to tell you personally how grateful we are.

What is a Phonathon caller?

Phonathon callers are hired for their potential and trained to fulfill it. Basic Job Description: Phonathon callers act as ambassadors of and fund raisers for Clarion University, contacting alumni, parents, and friends through an automated dialing system.

What does phone mean in telephone?

Phone is short for telephone, meaning the instrument used to call others.

What do you mean by mobile phone?

Mobile telephone, also called mobile phone, portable device for connecting to a telecommunications network in order to transmit and receive voice, video, or other data.