What does THWY mean?

What does THWY mean?

What does THWY mean?

To Hell with You

What does BLF mean?

Busy Lamp Field

What is a Cyn?

Cyn.in is an open-source enterprise collaborative software built on top of Plone a content management system written in the Python programming language which is a layer above Zope. Cyn.in Enterprise Editions are commercially supported, certified and tested by Cynapse.

What does CR stand for in street address?

Representational attributesValueMeaningCTCourtCTYDCourtyardCOVECoveCRCrescent124

What does LP stand for on a street sign?


What does PL mean when texting?

Acronym. 0. PL stands for “OK (typo)”.

What does PL mean after an attorney’s name?

professional limited liability company

What does PL stand for in education?

Personalized Learning

What does PL stand for in chemistry?

The elements of the periodic table sorted by symbolSymbolName chemical elementOsOsmiumPbLeadPPhosphorusPaProtactinium117

What is PL in manufacturing?

PL stands for Production Line.