What does VA Tech Wabag do?

What does VA Tech Wabag do?

What does VA Tech Wabag do?

VA Tech Wabag Ltd is a multinational player in the water treatment industry. The company offers complete life cycle solutions including conceptualization design engineering procurement supply installation construction and O&M services.

Who owns VA Tech Wabag?

VA Tech Wabag/Parent organizations
Rajiv Mittal is the Managing Director and Group CEO of VA TECH WABAG Limited, a pure play Water Technology Multinational headquartered in Chennai. Through his professional career spanning over 3 decades, Mr Mittal has dedicated himself to the water industry with a special focus on sustainability.

What is the business of VA Tech Wabag?

VA Tech Wabag Ltd. is an Indian multinational company with headquarters in Chennai, India. Founded in Breslau in 1924, the company is focussed on water treatment for municipal and industrial users….VA Tech Wabag.

Type Public limited company
Headquarters Chennai, India
Key people Rajiv Mittal, MD & Group CEO

What is the name of the second integrated water supply project of WABAG at Sri Lanka?

Polgahawela water treatment plant
The Exim Bank of India-funded Polgahawela water treatment plant for the Water Board of Sri Lanka is the second project in the country for Wabag.

What type of contract WABAG received from pub in Singapore recently?

In Singapore, WABAG has secured a 10 million Singapore dollar contract for design, fabrication, supply, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of Odour Control Systems for the Influent Pumping Station Package of Tuas Water Reclamation Plant of Public Utilities Board (PUB) in Singapore through Koh Brothers- …

Which of the following is the largest water reclamation plant in India built by WABAG?

45,000 m3/d. The Koyambedu Tertiary Treatment Reverse Osmosis (TTRO) Plant, designed and built by WABAG in consortium with IDE is one of the largest and technologically most advanced water reuse plants in India.

Which Wabag entity has recently received the biggest order for designing and building a lake water treatment plant?

WABAG Swiss received its biggest ever order towards design and build of Lake Water Treatment Plant from ENERGIE SERVICE BIEL/BIENNE, towards replacing the existing facility which is more than 50 years old, thereby ensuring water security to the city of Biel and Nidau.

What type of contract Wabag received from pub in Singapore recently?

Where is VA Tech Wabag located in the Philippines?

VA TECH WABAG LTD. WABAG MUHIBBAH JV Sdn. Bhd, VA TECH WABAG (PHILIPPINES) INC. Philippines. 12th Floor – Block A, Parkland Building, No. 33, Park Street, Colombo 02. Sri Lanka

Where is Wabag Muhibbah located in Sri Lanka?

WABAG MUHIBBAH JV Sdn. Bhd, VA TECH WABAG (PHILIPPINES) INC. Philippines. 12th Floor – Block A, Parkland Building, No. 33, Park Street, Colombo 02. Sri Lanka Need a solution? Our experts can help.

Who is the sales manager of Wabag water treatment?

WABAG is looking for a Sales Manager from the water treatment industry and has experience in interacting with municipal clients. The position is open for Kolkata and Delhi regions. WABAG is looking for a Sr. Design Engineer-Instrumentation who has field experience and has worked with control systems.

Who is Wabag looking for a construction manager?

WABAG is looking for Resident Construction Managers from water treatment industry with experience in WTP and WWTP for handling the entire responsibility of construction of Water Treatments plants in the site from planning, execution, people management, construction management and billing…