What happened to Nina from design star?

What happened to Nina from design star?

What happened to Nina from design star?

She played with fire — and got burned! After battling with her fellow Design Star contestants to create the coolest space for FDNY firefighters to hangout in, Nina Ferrer was forced to stop, drop and roll out of the competition on Sunday with her losing design.

Who won Design Star 7?

Danielle Colding
HGTV Design Star – Season 7/Winners
The seventh season of the American reality television competition series HGTV Design Star premiered on May 29, 2012. The host and mentor this season is David Bromstad. Danielle Colding is the winner of Season 7 of Design Star.

Was Emily Henderson a design star?

After seeing her show, the Patel family hired HGTV Design Star Emily Henderson to decorate their home.

What season did Emily Henderson design?

Season 5
Season 5: Emily Henderson.

Is David bromstad friends with Alice from design star?

And the [answer to the question I’m asked] most often, “Yes, David Bromstad and I are really, truly friends.” Find more info on Alice at www.gallimaufrydesign.com.

Where is Antonio Ballatore now?

Los Angeles
Antonio resides in Los Angeles with his English bulldog, Chewie.

Who won Design Star 2020?

Carmeon Hamilton
Memphis Interior Designer Carmeon Hamilton Is the Winner of “Design Star: Next Gen” This week’s 90-minute season finale of Design Star: Next Gen saw Carmeon Hamilton win it all.

Is Emily Henderson an interior designer?

While many people can create a Scandi-inspired home, few people have mastered the ability to effortlessly switch between neutral dreamscapes and maximalist interiors. Emily Henderson is one of the few.

Who won each season of Design Star?


Season No. of designers Winner
1–2006 10 David Bromstad
2–2007 11 Kim Myles
3–2008 9 Jennifer Bertrand
4–2009 11 Antonio Ballatore

Did David bromstad tattoo his face?

David has a range of tattoos — some of them being more colorful than others or some having a certain theme to them that represent a certain time in his life — and they take up most of his skin real estate, including his face!

What band was Antonio Ballatore in?

Was the winner of the fourth season of the reality show “HGTV Design Star.”…Bass.

1989 Demo (Demo) Bass
1990 Demo II (Demo) Bass