What happened to the band the Triffids?

What happened to the band the Triffids?

What happened to the band the Triffids?

The band’s last Australian shows were towards the end of 1989, with the final at the Australian National University in Canberra on 14 August 1989. 1990 saw the release of the live album, Stockholm, which completed their contractual obligations with Island.

Who was the lead singer of the Triffids?

David McComb
Best known as the lead singer and songwriter of the seminal Australian band The Triffids, David McComb died at the age of 36 from heart problems exacerbated by substance abuse. He left behind a manuscript of poems, with the words “If found, please publish” typed across the front.

Where did the Triffids come from?

The seeds were spread across the globe when a plane smuggling them out of Russia was shot down during the Cold War. In the 2009 two-part TV series, the triffids are a naturally occurring species from Zaire, discovered by the West and selectively bred as an alternative to fossil fuels, to avert global warming.

What killed Triffids?

While this is happening, the others escape from the building and they make their way to Alicante, meeting Bill there. Meanwhile, on the lighthouse, the triffids break in and, during the fight, the Goodwins find that sea water destroys the triffids.

What killed the triffids in Day of the Triffids?

The invading triffids succumb to a substance common on Earth, as do the Martians of The War of the Worlds when they die from bacterial exposure and both films end on a religious note (which is quite unlike Wyndham). This water ending was also used in M.

The Triffids were an Australian alternative rock and pop band, formed in Perth in Western Australia in May 1978 with David McComb as singer-songwriter, guitarist, bass guitarist and keyboardist. They achieved some success in Australia, but greater success in the UK and in Scandinavia in the 1980s before disbanding in 1989.

Who are the original members of real life?

After a falling-out occurred between Sterry and the remaining two original members, Johnson and Simcic, the band went on hiatus for several years. In 1997, Real Life reemerged as a duo with David Sterry and new member George Pappas on keyboards.

Where did the Triffids play in the world?

We have performed in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Belgium, London and Athens and Triffid’s fans around the world have warmed our hearts with their long memories. A documentary is currently being made about Dave and the band by Jonathan Alley. It should see the light of day before too long as well.

Where can I buy the Triffids save what I can album?

An atmospheric gem of a record very much in the style of Jill’s regular contributions to Triffids’ albums, the CD is available at very select record stores, at gigs and here. We can only accept Paypal payments at this stage but you can use any credit card without having to sign up to Paypal so don’t let that deter you.