What happened to the Rebel base on Yavin?

What happened to the Rebel base on Yavin?

What happened to the Rebel base on Yavin?

Luke Skywalker’s proton torpedo blasted the Death Star into atoms, giving the Alliance a critical victory and making the Battle of Yavin a milestone in galactic history. After a brief celebration, the rebels abandoned the base before the Empire could strike back.

Did Yavin get destroyed?

This article is about the evacuation of Yavin. You may be looking for other Battles of Yavin 4. “Luke Skywalker had done the impossible; the Death Star was destroyed. The Evacuation of Yavin was a battle between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire that took place six months after the Battle of Yavin in 0 ABY.

What was the Battle of Yavin in Star Wars?

Outcome. The Battle of Yavin, also known as the Battle of the Death Star, the assault on the Death Star, the attack on the Death Star, or the Miracle of Yavin, was a major battle of the Galactic Civil War that led to the destruction of the first Death Star.

What happens if the Empire destroyed Yavin?

The Empire now has a nigh-invulnerable battle station that can destroy planets. Nobody can afford to support the Rebels, so any that survived after Yavin 4 would be starved of resources.

What happens if the Death Star destroys Yavin?

The obvious answer is that the Empire would win. The Rebellion would collapse and the galaxy would fall in line for fear that the Death Star would be turned on them. It might be used a few more times, but only to put down worlds actually in rebellion – the point was made at Alderaan.

How did the Empire find Yavin 4?

Vader had a tracking beacon placed on the Falcon and kept attempts to stop their escape to a minimum. The Death Star tracks them to Yavin IV.

What happens if the Death Star destroyed Coruscant?

In short, if Grand Moff Tarkin used the Death Star to destroy Coruscant and killed the Emperor (and did this without Vader’s order), and if Tarkin went even further and tried to have Vader arrested, then Tarkin would not live long enough to realize where exactly he went wrong, unless Vader wished for him to remain …